Apple AirPods Used by Teenagers Gossiping in Class

Apple AirPods is arguably one of the pioneers of a true wireless system (TWS) when it was launched in 2016. But now, the Z generation who are still in school find a new way to use AirPods in the classroom, what is that?

Reported by detikINET from Phone Arena, Sunday (1/26/2020) AirPods are now used by students to gossip in the classroom. The way students exchange one of the AirPods with other friends.

Using Application


They then use applications that rely on text-to-speech to exchange messages or gossip. Because the contents of gossip can be heard without looking at the cellphone, the teacher in front of the class will not even know that the student is chatting.

Some even make videos that contain guidelines for using AirPods to chat in class. This video was made by a Tiktok user named Leilana who was later distributed via Twitter and watched 3.2 million times.

‘How to chat in class’

The video is titled ‘How to chat in class’. First, exchange AirPods left or right with a friend. Second, type the contents of the chat via Google Translate and play using the text-to-speech feature in the application.

But, it should be noted that exchanging AirPods (or earphones in general) is not something hygienic, especially if your friend has an ear infection. In addition, you also have to have long enough hair to avoid being caught by the teacher using AirPods in class.

Apple itself has promoted sharing AirPods through a 2017 Christmas video ad that aired in 2017. The video shows a pair of strangers who share AirPods so they can listen to music and dance on the streets.