Agriculture & Environment Industries Are The Largest Growth Businesses – 1 of 3

I ever participated a seminar years ago and the speakers told us about the potential future rising commercial sectors in the forthcoming fifty years. They listed out about 15 industries but I can only recall a few of the industries.

For the feasible growing commercial sectors, kindly bear in mind that every country may have different environment, manpower, resources, climate etc. for their own regional requirements. Below list of sectors are basically applicable to most of the countries :-

1) Environment Related Sector
2) Agriculture Sector
3) Energy Sector
4) Infrastructure Sector
5) Education and Health Services Sector
6) Professional and Business Services Sector
7) Information Businesses Sector
8) Financial Activities Sector
9) Logistic Sector
10) Drinking Water Sector

Item (3) Energy Sector – Do you aware that it will create war if there is a shortage in this sector ? All countries are struggling energy for their industrial and people consumptions. For your information, lack of either gold or energies will create war.

Item (4) Infrastructure Sector – This is the principal necessity for a better living environment of human being. Within the next 50 years, in my opinion, it is impossible to hit the stage of saturation for the world, particularly in the less developed, third world and/or Asia countries.

Item (5) – (8) Sectors – These are generally the fumeless services related industries for the welfare, commercial, hotel, trading, tourism, etc. The demand in these sectors can never end but I feel that the competitions of these sectors are great. To be sustainable in these sectors, the uniqueness of businesses and better service quality standard will determine the survivors.

Item (9) Logistic Sector – Due to depleting of natural resources, for example crude oil, etc, and increment of living expenditure for the public, the world will change the style of living of the people by pooling resources to serve commercial and non-commercial means. By the time, I personally foresee that the majority of the people will work at their residential areas and physical merchandise deliveries will be handled through the logistic services. Of course, I also feel that the competition of this logistic sector is high too.

Item (10) Drinking Water Sector – The supply of sources of non-polluted water is gradually decreasing due to human acts such as pollutions, weather, wars, and others. Other causes may be the wastages by the public and industrial utilizations. This sector may be a grand capital investment and the wealthy is much easier to access into this sector.

For items (1) Environment Related Sector and (2) Agriculture Sector, I think these two sectors are extremely significant and the development of these two sectors are almost absolutely assured. I will elaborate further details in the next 2 articles (Part 2 & Part 3) why they are significant.

Would You Ever Consider Bio-organic Fertilizer Business Is An International Big Business ?

If anyone of you think that this bio organic fertilizer business is a negligible business, we could say that you are incorrect and you may lose an opportunity to make a big fortune.

Why you should consider organic fertilizer as your own big business ?

Firstly, food is the main needs of human being and the food industries can never be a declining industry unless all of us do not eat food anymore. There is an unique situation that if the plants production area is at volcano coverage areas and the soil is mostly rich with natural nutrition, then the farmers may not require any fertilizers for their crops. Other than the volcano areas, majority of the agricultural producers need fertilizer to grow their plants. Therefore, bio organic fertilizers always have business opportunities.

Besides, the fundamental food sector is resistant to economy fluctuations because no matter how poor of the world economy, the consumers still need food to sustain. With such inelastic demands of food, the organic fertilizers will yet in favor.

The application or supply of chemical fertilizer is progressively controlled and restricted by the authorities of most of the countries and this will be a great business opportunity for natural organic fertilizer.

Please note that the application of chemical fertilizer spoils the soil particles and this will make the soil becoming compact and unable to retain moisture and nutrients. Consequently, the soil will become harder and harder and this is inevitably a deterioration of soil quality. In other words, this will be a green issue. The green environmental protection and awareness nowadays is powerful and some of these groups of environmental supporters also uphold organic fertilizer as a substitution of chemical fertilizer. With such movements, they indirectly assist the agriculture industry to create a large marketplace for bio-organic fertilizers.

As I wrote in my previous article, whatever chemical elements that soaked up by the crops, will inevitably transfer into the bodies of beings. Kindly note that the chemical elements are effectively toxin. With this fact, we are taking toxin food indirectly everyday, do you, inclusive of your family members, like to consume chemical food everyday ? Bio-organic fertilizer is healthy for plants as well as for the human being. Do you like to have great health for the rest of your lives ? However, I have to caution you that not all the bio-organic fertilizers are effective and healthy. Therefore, a wise selection of bio organic fertilizer is significant.

In general, people have an impression that bio organic food is costly and the consumers are reluctant to buy bio organic food due to its price. Yes, I agree in certain angle because the farm producers may have use pricey and ineffective bio organic fertilizers in their plantation and the cost of pricey fertilizers will unavoidably be reflected in the price of food, that is, the extra cost of fertilizing will be conveyed to the ultimate victims, the consumers. In fact, the farmers can actually have lower cost of production and the consumers can enjoy healthy organic food with reasonable and/or cheaper prices, PROVIDED the farm producers can choose a great bio-organic fertilizer.

The above are about eatable food. How about the non-edible food, such as grasses, trees, flowers and others ? These are large markets too ! With a suitable selection of bio organic fertilizer, the cost of soil maintenance as mentioned above will be cut down and unavoidably gives the farmers greater productivity and returns. Your target purchasing marketplaces for the bio organic fertilizer may include the household users, government offices such as town landscaping and agriculture divisions, multilevel marketing (MLM) corporations, private farm corporations, agricultural or farm association, online internet marketers and others.