Growing up with cricket

Cricket is a very popular sport, not only in the UK but across the world. Many people choose to take it up from a very young age, and carry it on into their adulthood. As so many children show an interest in playing cricket, it is important their parents buy them the correct cricket equipment to meet their needs.

There are many types of cricket equipment that make up the game, some of which are obvious, and some which are not. It goes without saying that to play cricket you will need a bat, for example. However, some items of cricket equipment aren’t as obvious, but it is important that anybody buying cricket equipment knows exactly what each item is and what it does.

Cricket shoes, for example, are more complex than you might think. They are available by a variety of well known manufacturers, including Adidas, Nike, Puma and Slazenger, and they come in sizes to fit junior players. Luckily, it is possible to buy cheap cricket shoes from a range of retailers, so parents will not have to worry about spending a lot of money on shoes for their children that they may outgrow quickly. Cricket shoes have spikes on the bottom, which helps to give the players extra grip into the ground and gives extra leverage for when they are batting. They are also reinforced to give extra foot and ankle protection when needed, something that is important for a growing child.

As children grow into adults they may decide that they want to continue playing cricket, and if so, the responsibility of buying their own cricket equipment falls on their shoulders instead of their parents. Cheap cricket shoes for adults are also available from a wide range of retailers who stock discount cricket equipment, and these also come from many well known manufacturers. This includes Kookaburra and Gunn and Moore. As well as cheap cricket shoes, it is also possible to buy accessories for them such as spare spikes and studs.

Other types of cricket equipment that children may need when starting to play includes hats, base layers and batting pads. Like cheap cricket shoes, these kinds of accessories can be bought from discount sports equipment retailers, and from a range of well known brand names. As well as clothing, they may also need accessories such as cricket bags, to carry all of their kit in, and base layers, which are designed to go under the clothes to give extra protection to the player and keep them warm.

If you are looking to buy some cheap cricket shoes or other type of cricket equipment, either for yourself or for your child, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the wide range available. If this is the case, then you will need to find out exactly what you need before you make a purchase – retailers of such items will be able to give you tailored advice so it is advisable to give them a call or email them to find out more about their products on offer.

Cricket defensive gear- an answer to a safe match

Cricket is a famous sport that is played throughout the world. This sport originated in England. For playing good cricket the accurate sort of defensive gear is necessary for the cricketer, such as padding, helmets and gloves to keep away from any mishap at the time of playing.

The cricket gloves help in shielding the fingers from any harm. There are different sorts of cricket gloves required at the time of match such as cricket wicket keeping gloves, cricket batting gloves, batting inner gloves and cricket pad gloves.

The cricket wicket keeping gloves assist the wicket keeper to survive without difficulty facing the high-speed bowlers in the match. It also guards the fingers of the wicket keeper, as the wicket keeping gloves are prepared of the added foam or PU cushioning. These gloves comprise of strong and elastic webbing to catch the flying ball in the air.

The cricket batting gloves are essential for the batsman to sport as they defend their hands in opposition to the forceful ball. The batting gloves are good for the protection and comfort. Batting gloves provide double layer strengthening to the batsman.

Also, the fitting of the gloves should also be accurate for comfortable playing.

There are two types of cricket leg guards, one is worn by the batsmen and the other is cricket wicket-keeping leg guards.

As when choosing the accurate type of batting guards, one must keep in mind that the pads should not simply provide safety but also the required comfort. The use of the batting pads shields the knees, shins and the lower thigh portion on top of the knees. Fielders that field in close proximity to the batsmen can also sport shin guards.

The pads include three straps to tie up to the legs of the batsman and are also flexible. The batsman can fine-tune them according to their ease level. There is moreover a special knee roll, used for giving additional fortification to the knees. The batsman can make use of more padding underneath the cricket leg guards, to sustain the force of the ball.

Top quality guards make sure the person who is using it has an open leg movement. The kneecap of the pads should be secured with double thickness high impact foams and should have huge absorbing power. The knee bolster should have air web at the outline. The shin should also be sheltered with foam to maximize the flexibility and ease level.

Salman Butt’s Amateur Premiership and Negative Impact on National Team’s Performance

Whether it’s any daily sports update or the latest team news more or less Pakistan’s national cricket team is in the lime light.

It’s really havoc condition for the Pakistan’s National Cricket Team. Seriously, just when you believe PCB for one time has finished certain thing right and taken a step ahead by banning the likes of Malik and Yusuf, they take two steps backward. If factual, this has to be the lowest likely report ever for Pakistan cricket, especially if somebody as non professional and amateur as Salman Butt is presented the captaincy of the national tea.

The confused management of Pakistan Cricket Board wants a leading man for all three formats which sees very odd. Different teams around the world have different test and T20 premiers, which effects positively on the overall performance of their teams. Salman Butt was not suitable for the recent test series in the English home which later resulted in a total failure of Pakistani team in the series.

No doubt this young man has made his shown his outstanding performance in the matches before his test debut matches against Bangladesh. Similarly he scored well in Under-19 World Cup. But it’s not enough to prove his captaincy skills. Still he is a learner and shall learn till he comes to maturity of this sport.

Even, when needed he is capable of showing some unique skills for the team’s defense. But he can’t be compared with Aamir Soahil or Saeed Anwar. Ability is what you’re capable of doing, Motivation determines what you do, and Attitude determines how well you do it, but in this case all of three elements are missing from the scene.

Salman has called for different critics around Pakistan to keep in mind the unique circumstances the team is playing under. But on the same time if can’t bear such pressure then he must leave this position for someone more capable then him who can lead the team in all odd circumstances. In latest team news it’s proven that Butt was more fragile for most the time stay at England and lose the two last matches comparatively. Batting and bowling order of the team was critically condemned.

Still the PCB chairman and overall cricket management is not willing to remove the current team captain which is really alarming fort eh future of cricket in Pakistan. No doubt there is not sign of any improvement from their side but still fans are hopeful that maybe one day they will witness some drastic change in the management and overall performance of the cricket team.

Crick fans in and around Pakistan would be happier if they got Daily sports update regarding some betterment in the team and its performance rather than irrespective and non professional attitude of the team fellows and the captain. Rather than being so selfish, he should think about the feelings and emotions of the millions of cricket lovers and leave the captaincy as soon as possible for the betterment of the whole team.