Direct marketing- a channel free approach to reach the Customers

Direct marketing is a channel free approach to reach the customers and offer them products and services. This method of marketing is considered to be a controversial sales method. The most common modes of direct marketing are telemarketing, solicited and unsolicited emails, coupons, leaflets, brochures, door drops and catalogs. All these sources are used to reach the potential customers and make them aware about the product or service being offered.

Companies used to market their product through advertisements on television and radio but that was not cost effective because not every person in the target market is watching the television ads or listening to the radio when the ad is being broadcasted. To get the attention of the customers the companies have to broadcast the ad again and again. This activity requires a lot of financial backing. Whereas using modes like telephones, emails, leaflets and brochures it makes sure that almost all the potential customers have been reached.

Direct marketing helps to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time through the right channel. Direct marketing can reduce the market segment size to 1. Each individual customer is being approached and focused. Direct marketing determines the differences in the customers and then markets the products and services to them according to their different requirements.

Social networking websites also give an opportunity to directly market a product to the potential customers. The network spreads through social marketing very quickly for businesses. A simple example to it could be that whenever a natural disaster hits the world the social marketing media raises funds and spreads the whole story to the world with in no time. Social media targets individuals through community.

Now customers have become less responsive to the direct marketing as a lot of direct marketing campaigns tend to entice the customers about a product or service but do not fulfill the requirements of the customers. People are now involved with online communities and they look for recommendations made by the people about a product or service. Direct marketers now use Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other social networking websites to reach the customers as the customer’s attention is now more concentrated towards these means.

The competition have become so much tough that companies now keep the records and maintain a data base of all the customers and related people in the market so that they could contact them individually and promote their business.

How to use three important free advertise based concepts for your business

One of the best options to advertise your product online is through free advertising websites. The main goal of such free advertising based websites is to promote your products successfully to target audience and that too free of charge. Free advertised based websites are appreciated by people all over the globe. They like to get involved with such websites because they not only get the opportunity to advertise their product for free but they also know that they can surely get target customers based on the advertisement that they have placed on the advertisement that they have placed on the concerned website. There are various ways of advertising your product for free. They are as follows:

1) Video Advertising method:

These days, you have various types of video sharing sites, like Youtube that allows to upload various videos through your login user name. Along with the video, you can also display your website URL information in the video and also in the resource. In the case of Youtube website, the resource box is located at the right side of the video. When people watch your particular video, they can get access to your website link and then get more information about your product or service. This is the latest trend of advertising your product for free.

2) Free Online classified sites:

You can visit an online free classified site and place your free advertise into the space that is provided by the concerned site. However, you need to pay attention to the various aspects of your advertisement. Example; the content of your ad should be relevant to the posting category section. If you post an ad relating to job in the pet section, wrong people will see your ad and so you will lose customers. You also need to use keywords within your ad, so that you are able to attract right customers.

3) Viral emails:

You can write an email, consisting a particular interesting and useful topic. At the bottom of the email, you need to put your website’s URL link and then send it to your friends and other known people. When people start reading the email, they will see your website link and get access to it. Not only that, they will be tempted to forward this email to their friends too. This is how your product can be advertised for free.

These days, you have various types of video sharing sites, like Youtube that allows to upload various videos through your login user name. Along with the video, you can also display your website URL information in the video and also in the resource. In the case of Youtube website, the resource box is located at the right side of the video. When people watch your particular video, they can get access to your website link and then get more information about your product or service. This is the latest trend of advertising your product for free.

Whenever you decide to advertise your products through video advertising, free online classified sites or through viral emails, ensure that you are giving suitable material for your audience. Your initial advertising content should be interesting. Otherwise people will not bother to see your website or learn about your product. Hence, just advertising is not enough. You need to use the free advertise concepts in a strategic way.

Jason Kulpa-Vision of Lead Generation

Lead Generation is a difficult industry to be in. Everyday a company fails at attempting to enter the industry. When lead generation really took off in 2002 Jason Kulpa was there. With innovation and creativity he became a master at the craft. Lead generation requires a certain type of person. Someone who wont give up. Its hard to enter the industry with just a vision.

As his company grew in 2008, that vision took flight. With just an idea blossomed a great company. Underground Elephant has been through quite a remodel since 2008. We now generate our own leads and distribute them to our clients. With this efficient system we are now able to dominate our competitors. Not many lead generation companies can give you exactly what you want when you want it. However, Underground Elephant is able to adjust your campaign to fit your needs. Jason Kulpa knew its all about his clients. That is why we have satisfied clients everyday.

With innovation comes creativity. Jason Kulpa had a vision to create a unique working environment no one could ignore. From flat screen televisions to pool tables his creativity came to life. As an employee at Underground Elephant, I can say the working environment is the best in the industry. No other ad agency can say they offer their employees the same as Jason Kulpa does. After an office remodel, it couldn’t look any better.

Happy employees, happy clients, and a great CEO is what Underground Elephant offers in the lead generation industry. All thanks to Jason Kulpa.
We Generate High Quality Leads

Success-driven results! Our agency approach is different than other lead generation companies. Our award winning creative department builds one-of-a-kind campaigns targeted toward our lead buyer’s needs. Underground Elephant’s marketing team consists of industry veterans from several Fortune 500 companies. Together the Creative and Marketing teams deliver lead buyers targeted and qualified consumers in real-time.

Our return rate is less than 3.5% per month for all verticals because of our best generation practices. By eliminating bad traffic with our state-of-the-art compliance department and controlling the process we save time for your company.

Why Use a Media Buying Service When You Can Do It Yourself

We all know how important media buying is but the real question now is whether you should use a media buying service or would you rather do it yourself? Well, while a hands-on approach to media buying can be a great learning experience, you should also consider that it may not be the best course of action for you to follow. In fact, it may prove to be a big mistake that can cost your company a lot of wasted money and time, not to mention poor marketing results.

Why work with a professional media buying agency? Here are some of the most compelling reasons that you may want to consider:

1. You get professional help without incurring any additional costs. “So, how would they gain anything from working with my company?”, you might ask. Media stations usually offer exclusive discounts (usually 15%) to media buying agencies. This means that whether you opt to use their service or purchase the ad spots yourself, you’ll still be paying the exact same amount to the media company where you’ll be buying your ad spots.

2. Media buying agencies have better leverage. Since these agencies have a number of other clients and bring a lot of business to the table, so to speak, they can negotiate for better timeslots and lower prices far better than any individual company can. And not only that, because these companies have rather extensive experience in the trade, they can safely avoid the most common problems that may come up along the way.

To illustrate this point further, let’s give one common problem that often crops up in most television stations- the “bumping” of ad spots. For one reason or another, TV stations usually “bump” or remove spots from their schedule. And guess who gets hit the most? Of course, these would be the advertisers whose negotiated contract price is below a specific threshold. However, if you’re using a media buying service, you can be sure that you’ll keep this annoying problem at bay.

3. You can be sure you get your money’s worth. The cost of television advertising is usually based on the number of people who view your ads. So, how can you be sure that you are not being short-changed? The answer lies in accurate tracking – something that a professional media buying agency is quite capable of undertaking. Simply stated, if your ads haven’t reached the target number of views, your media buyer will simply request for “make good” ads (otherwise known as free spots) to make up for the difference.

Now, do you think you need a media buying service to help you with your media buys?

Tricks To Improve Your Custom Labels

Do you know what custom label printing is? Printing custom labels is one of the most effective strategies of any company in endorsing and marketing its identity. Essentially, custom labels provide your product or business specific identity and individuality and makes it even more credible and professional. They also contribute to making a good first impression on prospective clients and ensuring their support all the way. However, before you go into label printing, it is important for you to think about several things that can strongly influence the effectiveness of your design. Remember, your design is one of the most crucial components of your brand identity. It should therefore be the best it can be.

These days, there are thousands of printing companies that offer label printing and other services to help you come up with a remarkable label design and ensure its utmost visibility as well. However, if you do not want to utilize these services, you can consider the following tricks so you can successfully enhance the design of your custom labels.

1. Make use of lively colors – The over-all appearance of custom labels is made up of its shape, colors and form. And it is one of the most vital elements in any creative product. However, when you use vibrant colors that are rarely seen, you tend to grab people’s attention. Moreover, you also give your custom labels that distinct look. It is truly important that you set the colors of your design and use them consistently for easy recognition and recall. For instance, you can use the company colors in your design. That will surely standardize and establish your brand.

2. Use clear and well-defined images – In label printing, there are some who fail to make a good impression because of the bad quality of the images used. Thus, see to it that you use clear and sharp images on your custom labels so they can easily stand out from the rest. Apart from this, clearer images make your labels appear more solid and condensed which will contribute to a better over-all appearance. Certainly, you can never go wrong if you invest in good and well-defined photos and images.

3. Make sure to infuse texture – You might also want to consider adding some texture to your custom labels to make them more eye-catching and interesting. In so doing, you give your images a certain effect that will make them more memorable and pleasing to look at. Among the textures you can utilize are sketched effects, painting effects and sand texture. Truly, these types of texture will make your custom labels more nice-looking and distinctive. They can also establish a unique look to your custom labels and your product in general.

4. Consider using some light and shadow effects – This is another effective way of drawing your clients to your product. By using light and shadow, you can actually render a special 3-d effect to your custom labels that will make it more lively and exciting. Through this technique, you can also easily incorporate a special shade to your custom labels that will guarantee the effectiveness of your design. But make sure as well that the printing company you choose already has ample experience in instilling this type of effect.

These tricks have been tried and tested in victoriously enhancing custom label designs. So before you seriously do label printing, put these tricks into good use first so you can develop an imposing design.