Healthy and Unhealthy Weight, How do you know the difference?

More than 1 of 3 American adults are at an unhealthy weight, and their risk of developing certain diseases is greater because of the excess weight.

There are five classes of weight: underweight, acceptable weight, overweight, obesity, and morbid obesity (the most over weight class).

This classification system has been developed because there is strong scientific evidence that people is classes other than “acceptable weight’ are more likely to have health problems. The more over weight you are the greater the chances of developing diabetes or high blood pressure can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke.

The best way to check whether you are at a healthy or unhealthy weight is to determine your body mass index (BMI), using an on line BMI calculator. These guild lines are good but they are not foolproof. For example, muscle weights more than fat, so it is possible to be extremely fit and have a weight at the top weight chart for your height.

BMI Interpretation:

Underweight – BMI Under 18.5
Normal – BMI 18.5 – 24
Overweight – BMI 25 – 29
Obese – BMI 30 and over

People who carry their weight around their midsection (giving you an apple like shape) are at greater health risk than people who carry the same amount of weight mainly around their hips, buttocks and thighs.

In contrast people who carry excess weight below the waist in the hips, buttocks, and thighs, (giving you a pear like shape), the risk of excess weight is lower. There are some theories as to why it is better to be like a pear rather that an apple, but it remains a mystery.

Why is the population getting heavier?

Over the past 20 years, people have increasingly used sugar free sweeteners and cut down on the percent of total calories that come from fat. In addition, various fat substitutes have become available. You would think this would mean the average weight of the population is going down. In fact, it continues to go up.

Why is this? The simple explanation is we are eating more. Though more of the food eaten maybe sugar free or low fat, the total number of calories being consumed is going up. Though we are using lots of sugar free foods, we are eating more sugar, and though we are eating more low fat foods, we are eating more total fat.

Experts speculate that sugar free foods have increased our appetite for sweets, real sugar, and rich sweets. We also tend to fool ourselves into thinking that sugar free or fat free have no calories. While that is nearly true for some sugar free soft drinks, it is not true for pudding, crackers, coffee cakes, and other foods that are sugar free or at free.

People are also eating in restaurants more frequently, and restaurant meals typically contain many more calories and fat than home cooked meals.

If you need to lose weight look for a program that emphasizes slow weight loss, no more than 2 pounds a week.

Four Different Weight-Loss Mechanisms in Just One Pill

Why is it that things like car keys, your favorite pair of sunglasses and the TV remote seem to disappear on a daily basis, but trying to lose ten pounds is next to impossible? Weight loss is difficult for most people because in order to lose one pound of fat, your body needs to burn 3,500 calories. You would have to walk about 35 miles or cut out about 5 meals to burn that off!

Simply eliminating these calories from your diet all at once with unhealthy “crash diets” often slows down metabolism. This can actually drastically reduce your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and the amount of overall calories you burn on a daily basis. Introducing a natural supplement like Liporidex into your daily routine can help. Working in conjunction with your diet and exercise program, Liporidex helps promote the fat-burning process by stimulating your body to break down and burn fat more efficiently, rather than simply storing it. Liporidex is breakthrough in its approach because it helps you lose weight while also helping to maintain and improve your overall health, energy and focus.

Liporidex works in four different ways so that when you use a BMI (body mass index) calculator or BMR calculator to measure weight loss, you see actual results. One way Liporidex works is by speeding up your metabolism. Having a higher metabolism enhances weight loss because your body burns more calories all of the time, not just while you exercise. Liporidex is also designed to maximize fat and carbohydrate metabolism so that your body burns more than it stores.

The second way Liporidex ensures weight-loss success is by lowering blood sugar levels. This not only reduces your risk of diabetes, but also creates a situation where your body is forced to burn fat – a more lengthy process – rather than sugar, which is the easy source of energy.

Liporidex also utilizes green tea extract, a powerful antioxidant that stimulates a process called thermogenesis, a natural body process that creates heat by burning brown fat molecules. The primary function of thermogenesis is to keep the body warm but it also acts as an additional, important mechanism for burning excess fat. This means more fat is used for producing energy and less fat is stored in the body.

The fourth way Liporidex stimulates weight loss is by causing natural appetite suppression. This effect is due to several ingredients. The combination of optimal carbohydrate metabolism, the appetite-suppressing effects of the amino acid L-dopa and the powerful antioxidants found in green tea can effectively reduce appetite and thus raise your basal metabolic rate.

Scientific research has shown that the combination of weight-loss mechanisms found in Liporidex can jump-start the fat burning process and put you well on your way to achieving your weight-loss goals.

Cookie Diet For Maintaining Your Health

To accomplish a diet plan, you need lots of will power and determination and sadly most of us fail miserably half way through such diet plans. As per most of the industry experts, the reason for this failures’ is our cravings for sweets and sugary treats. The cookie diet enables one to loss weight by satisfying such cravings for sugary and sweet treats. This helps in effective weight loss without being deprived from the sweets. Isn’t it too good to be true? – But it’s certainly true.

By hearing the word cookie diets, you may think that they are the home made cookie authentically baked by utmost perfection from your grand mother. But they are certainly not what you are thinking about. They are the meals designed for the perfect meal timings. It has many ingredients including the proteins, amino acids, fibers and many more. It will satisfy the hunger and make you stomach full unlike other products which will aim in curbing your hunger.

There are a number of cookie diet plans available in the world fitness market. There are many cookie diet plans available for the dieters. You can use these diet plans by following the online guides which are available in internet. There are many types of diet plans available including the ones which are specially designed to those people in need of medical supervision. The cookies will have amino acids which has the nature of suppressing hunger. Other ingredients including the fiber content will slow down the digestion processes so that the person using this will get a fuller feeling. More intake of water can also curb your hunger but must not be followed regularly. A cookie diet is a sugary treat will not only help you in the reduction of hunger pangs but also in enjoying a mini meal.

These cookies also come in a number of flavors like: Chocolate, oatmeal raisins, banana, blueberry and coconut. So now you can enjoy your cookies and not worry about the weight or workouts. You need to consume at least six cookies in a day, and then follow with a very light dinner. Make sure you have at least six or else you might over eat your dinner which shall spoil your cookie diet plan.

A cookie diet is advisable as it does not have any visible side effects as the ingredients are proteins and fibers which are considered very healthy to consume. Going for the diet cookies are considered more effective than the oil free, meat free or a vegetarian diet. The [popularity of these diet plans are increasing rapidly that more and more into these. The main factor for the popularity is that the results are evident after a single month. The internet has a lot of forums and reviews revealing the success stories of a lot of people. You can actually go through these stories to formulate the tips to be followed in making you weight loss plans effective. It is always good to get the diet cookie or cookie diet from a reputed company. You can refer the internet or enquire about the diet cookies with the people who had already used these cookies.

Success of WLS Depends Upon Changes in Lifestyle

Weight loss surgery is not the immediate solution to your obese body; it is a continuing process to lose weight by bringing changes in your lifestyle. To have long-term success and maintain a healthy body, you need to prepare yourself to make several lifestyle changes. Before considering weight loss surgery, you need to have a complete understanding and acceptance of the changes you will face.

Managing life after weight loss surgery requires significant lifestyle changes and modifications in daily habits. Weight loss surgery offers several benefits for the morbidly obese patients, who can no longer lose weight with drugs, diet changes and exercises. Still, even the most successful procedure demands an effective weight maintenance strategy after surgery to keep the patient in great shape and work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Significant weight loss will follow if a patient follows the recommended dietary, exercise and lifestyle guidelines set by your bariatric surgeon, nutritionist, therapist and other bariatric support staff.

Changing your eating habits and staying motivated will create not only amazing results, but also a healthier life that you will able to enjoy for many years to come.
Before surgery, you should prepare yourself for the steps you will need to take after you get the weight loss surgery done.

1. Diet-WLS involves significant modifications to your gastrointestinal tract. The patient needs to make changes to the diet after undergoing weight loss surgery. After either gastric banding or gastric bypass surgery, you will only be able to eat few bites in each meal. In order to ensure good nutrition and health, you must pay close attention to the types of food you eat. Foods that are well tolerated before surgery may cause discomfort afterwards. Take small bites, chew your food well and eat slowly, take a few minutes gap between each bite.

Changing one’s eating habits is the most important lifestyle change. Eating lots of vegetables and fruits and drinking plenty of water can also make you feel fuller. Eat a balanced diet that is low in fat and high in protein. Protein is important for healing directly after surgery and also during weight loss in order to build tissues in your body.

It is important to set realistic goals that are specific and achievable. Regularly record what you do in your weight-loss program such as daily calorie intake and amount of physical exercise. Keeping track on your progress can also help you stay motivated.

2. Follow-up after surgery-This is a very important part of the success of the surgery. Regular follow-up visits must be maintained to prevent complications and achieve optimum weight loss. Depending on your diet after surgery, you may have nutritional deficiencies over the years. Therefore, you are required to get check-ups done periodically.

3. Exercise- After surgery, it is vital to adhere strictly to the proper dietary and exercise guidelines. Exercise is an essential component in your weight loss program. Patients often need 2 to 3 weeks of healing, rest and recovery before any type of formal exercise, but light walking is recommended after discharge from the hospital.

4. Stress management- Managing stress, emotions and anxiety without turning to food can be a challenge for any individual after surgery. Working with a therapist to tackle difficult emotional issues can make weight loss surgery more rewarding and help to lead a healthy lifestyle for a long-term.

5. Support groups- Participation in post-operative support groups can be beneficial for patients. Support groups provide patients an opportunity to discuss personal and professional issues.

After a weight loss surgery one need to take care of many things like making lifestyle changes that you have to stick to for the rest of your life. If not, then the entire procedure can reverse itself and the weight will come back.

Four dieting myth that will sabotage any diet

“I am doing every thing I can “and still I just don’t seem to get any slimmer.” As a weight lose expert for over nearly ten years, I’ve heard this said by so many men and women, all too often. Yes, it is not difficult to find people working very hard get rid of those extra pounds. The biggest two major error people make when they’re trying to loss fat is to get too focused on too many of the wrong things such as: following completely unworkable promises, quick weight loss gimmicks that are of little use.

The truth is: getting caught up in some of the biggest and most common weight-loss myths will damage your dieting attempts. Below are four of the top weight-loss myths and dieting rubbish that you should avoid like a leper.

Myth: Getting rid of 60 pounds can be done in just 4 weeks.

Truth: Yes it is possible to lose 60 pounds in just four weeks if you went on an extreme or hyper diet plan such as the 500 calorie diet, or if you pushed a “low gi diet” to the outer borders, but you are going feel pretty awful and lifeless — and the likelihood of keeping the weight of is very low, because the greater majority of you fat will come back the moment you start eating normally again. Did you know that if you wanted to lose just one pound of fat, “you will need to get rid of 3,500 calories from your daily eating habits”?

Myth: I do a lot of exercise so I can eat as much as want.

Fact: Unless you’re working out like a “manic Pro boxer”, to get rid of you unwanted body fat, you will still need to keep a very close eye on your daily calorie consumption. “It is interesting that calories consumes on a daily basis’ seem to always add up more rapidly than “calories expended.” Just consider this for a minute or two: two large cookies will give you almost five hundred calories. To lose that amount of calories through a physical activity, you are going to have to run or walk for at least five and half miles or skip for three hours.

Myth: For a diet to be successful one should experience hunger for periods of time through-out the day.

Fact: If you are trying to cut back on your calorie intake “at random”, then you will probably feel hungry several times during the day. But, if you do some careful pre- planning and take the precaution to make sure that you are adequately replenishing your body with good quality wholesome healthy foods at least 3-4 hours apart, you tummy will feel quite satisfied even though you will be are eating far less calories.

Myth: I take a diet supplement so I can afford to be relaxed about how much I eat.

Fact: Diet supplements are dietary aids that can help to speed up metabolism or control hunger they are not a substitute for eating less or reducing your calorie intake.

Diet plans that work fast

Market is flooding with diet plans that work fast to lose weight with fact the more and more peoples are recognizing the need to become smart and to lose extra weight they are carrying for no purpose. Interesting thing about these weight lose plans is that they all claims to be the best helping weight lose plan in the world that is healthier and can help you to build slimmer and attractive body. Each of these plan sellers are marketing in such a way that you will at least need two weeks to get through this information and to determine the best suitable diet plan for you. Most of people follow the most popular diet plans that work fast. Healthy physical activities on regular basis and eating the better diet are obviously the best way to follow but problem arrives when most of us fail to stay on track.

Below are few of the diet plans the work fast and can help you to lose your extra pounds and look smarter and smoother. It may be possible that one of the following diet plans may help you to reach your goal of losing more weight in less time.

Atkins Diet:

This diet plan is based on eating high protein foods. It strictly prohibits carbohydrates and encourages eating vegetables and meat. It always wants you to stay away from foods like pasta, wheat products and bread. Atkins diet plan also allow you to eat certain fatty foods like salad dressing and butter as they think these do not stop you to become fit and slim.

Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet:

This is also a popular diet plan that work fast and it is also focused on minimal use of carbohydrates in your diet. Carbohydrate Addict’s diet allows you to eat meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and some of grain products as much as you can eat but the plan is strict with minimal amount of carbohydrate in your food.

Choose to Lose Diet:

Choose to lose diet limits fat intake in your diet. The user of Choose to Lose Diet will be provided a fat budget and is expected to arrange proper measures so that the user can stay within the limits of fat budget. Follower of this diet meal plans has no pressure about watching carbohydrates and he is free to eat poultry, meat, seafood, and low fat dairy products. One can also take healthy amount of fruits and vegetables, bread and pasta in his food. Many people love to practice this diet plan as it is a versatile plan.

DASH Diet:

If you are in trouble with low blood pressure, Dash diet is specially designed for you. It is a pyramid food guide and it suggests a diet which is high in carbohydrates. It also has a moderate amount of fat and protein food. In Dash diet plan you are encouraged to intake grains fruits, vegetables and dairy products in high amount but keeping in mind that they all should lay in low fat category.

Eat More, Weigh Less:

Here is diet plan to lose weight fast for only vegetarian lovers. Eat more, weigh less is a diet plan that is mainly based on vegetables and low fat focused food. Seafood is strictly not allowed and chicken is also not suggested for eating. This food plan to lose weight faster also warns against non fat dairy and egg whites etc.

Eat Right for Your Type:

It is a diet meal plans that is somehow based on principles of psychology. In this plan diet is taken into consideration with the uniqueness of each body type and strength. This plan suggests a diet based on user’s blood type. This plan recommends a user with O blood group type to eat a lot of red meat in their diet.

The Zone:

This food plan is based on high protein and very low carbohydrate diets and is preferred often on other diet plans as it works faster. The Zone diet plan to lose weight fast encourages the use of low fate protein based food like fish, chicken and grain fruits and vegetables also.

How to Handle Difficult Situations on the HCG Hormone Weight Loss

The HCG hormone weight loss is proving incredibly effective for many people especially those who have been struggling with weight management for years. Dieters are losing weight quickly with the combination of HCG injections or drops and a very low calorie diet. The low calorie intake on the HCG diet is what is so important to the dieter’s success and there are instances when this low calories diet can be difficult. On the HCG hormone weight loss diet, the types and amounts of foods that you can consume every day are very restricted. Here are some situations you may face challenges and some tips on how to handle such situations.

The Workday Environment

When you are at work and all your colleagues are munching away throughout the day on fatty snacks, it might tempt you to get off the low calories diet. You cannot let this break you; you have to remain true to the 500-calories-per-day food intake and no snacking rules of the HCG diet. Bring water with you to work or drink plenty of green teas: these are your only freebies throughout the day and they can make you feel less hungry.

Family Gatherings

When you are at a family gathering or even at a celebration with friends you may suddenly feel very deprived as your friends and family eat the foods you once enjoyed. You need to recommit yourself to staying on the HCG diet plan and remind yourself of your goal. If you can, bring some HCG friendly dishes along with you that you can consume without breaking your low caloric intake practices. You will feel less deprived, and you can satiate your hunger. You will also be proud of yourself for remaining true to your goal.

If you are not certain about your will power, you are recommend refraining from going to gatherings or celebrations at all until you reach your goal with the HCG hormone weight loss. Or eat before you leave so you won’t be hungry. This way you will be less tempted by the foods not approved on the HCG diet at the gathering.

Hypothyroidism and Weight Loss

Have you tried dieting and dieting without result? Do you feel fatigued and listless? The reason behind of your problem might be an under active thyroid gland. Find out the connection as well as the cure.

Problems linked to hypothyroid include fatigue and listlessness, excess weight gain or inability to lose weight, puffy feet, hands and eyelids and depression or a flat mood. This is because the thyroid gland controls metabolism. If your thyroid is not working effectively, if it is creating too little of its hormones, your metabolic process is going to be slower. That’s what triggers these problems.

The hormones created by the thyroid gland are tri-iodothyronine or T3 and thyroxine or T4. These are the hormones that regulate your metabolic rate and how fast or how slow your organs perform. Some people consider slow metabolism is just an excuse overweight individuals use to explain why their low fat or low carb diet regime doesn’t work. The truth is, in quite a few cases it is totally true.

Some folks take diet pills with caffeine and even amphetamines to speed up their metabolisms and lose fat. This can work, but usually the effects are temporary, and it may be dangerous. The diet pills can have unwanted and sometime dangerous side effects. If someone’s slow metabolic process is caused by hypothyroidism, the most suitable course of action is thyroid treatment. Fix the thyroid, fix the metabolic process, and you should fix the weight trouble.

In several instances, the hypothyroid condition can be cured through natural means which includes diet. “Oh no,” you groan, “Not yet another diet plan!” I’m not talking about a weight loss eating plan, per se, but a thyroid fixing diet regime. It was once accurate that hypothyroid patients weren’t getting iodine in their diets. In some cases, this is still true, but today we have the addition of iodine to salt it’s pretty uncommon today. On the other hand, you’ll find some healthy foods including cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, that may block thyroid if taken in quite large amounts. It’s very much more complex than just iodine.

A great natural thyroid treatment will consist of a diet regime that includes seeds, nuts and whole grains and sea foods. Broad based multi-vitamins that include zinc and vitamin D are also very helpful.

Will Hypothyroidism Treatment Help You Lose Weight?

Have you tried diet after diet with out result? Do you feel like you’re always tired? The cause of of the problem may well be an under active thyroid gland. Find out the connection plus the cure.

You know you’re sticking to your diet but you just can’t shed fat. Your close friends and family think you have to be cheating, that you’re just weak. It just makes you feel even worse about your self with all that going on. However it may not be your fault. You could have an under active thyroid gland. Your thyroid regulates your rate of metabolism and if it’s running slow, your whole body can be negatively affected. Let’s look at some additional symptoms of an under active thyroid and see if you’ve experienced them.

Hypothyroidism, an under effective thyroid gland, can cause an individual to feel run down and listless all the time. Sometimes they will even be depressed. Overweight women may well chalk this up to “poor self esteem” when there’s actually a hidden physical cause. Poor self esteem is also sometimes falsely blamed for a diminished interest in sex. You see, many of the indicators of hypothyroid, like mood swings and depression, are connected and might be mistaken for “just feeling blue.”

Furthermore there are other, more observable signs that might be noticed by other people. Hypothyroid can make your face or your eyes appear puffy. It can cause your hands and feet to swell for no no reason. Your skin may well be dry and pale and your hair can start to fall out in clumps.

If you are constipated or if you have itchy, dry skin, it may be hypothyroidism. You could possibly also be subjected to forgetfulness or have difficulty mentally focusing. It sounds terrible but there is certainly very good news. As soon as you discover the problem is your thyroid gland, you can take positive actions to cure your symptoms. All of these symptoms are can be eliminated naturally without high priced or risky prescription drugs. The first step is to identify the symptoms and recognize that your under effective thyroid is the underlying problem.