What Should I Do After a Brain Injury?

When you think of brain injuries, you may believe the term is reserved for extreme damage, but that is not the case. All brain injuries should be considered serious because even the most “minor” ones can have significant impact on long term memory, decision making functions, sensory functions and impulse control.

There are a variety of brain injuries, each with their own complications and symptoms. Here is a basic guide to common injuries:

• Closed Injury: This occurs when the head suddenly and violently hits an object, but that object does not break through the skull.

• Open Injury: An open injury occurs when an object pierces the skull and enters the brain tissue.

• Anoxia: This is a condition in which there is an absence of oxygen supply to the brain. This can occur even if there is an adequate blood flow to the brain.

• Hypoxia: Like, anoxia, the brain experiences a decreased oxygen supply, but there is still some oxygen flowing to the brain.

• Ischemia: An inadequate amount of blood supply is flowing to the brain and begins causing swelling. As with hypoxia, this will cause an ischemia cascade. At this time, brain cells can die within minutes. Ischemia is often seen in near-drowning victims, heart attack patients and people who experience severe blood loss from other injuries.

• Skull Fracture: This occurs when the skull bone cracks or breaks. Victims can have one of two different kinds of skull fractures – either depressed or penetrating. With a depressed fracture, pieces of the broken skull will press into the brain tissue. Penetrating fractures happen when something pierces the skull and leaves a distinct, localized injury to the brain tissue. This is most commonly seen with a gunshot wound.

• Concussion: This is one of the most common kinds of brain injuries. It is caused by a sudden blow to the head or body which shakes the brain inside the skull. The blow will temporarily prevent the brain from responding normally.

• Brain Swelling: Also known as edema, brain swelling can happen in a specific location or throughout the brain. All swelling causes intracranial pressure (ICP) and prevents blood from flowing to the brain, which in turn deprives the brain of oxygen.

No matter the type of injury, it is crucial to have a brain injury evaluated by a physician. If left untreated, brain injuries can lead to severe complications and even death.

After the injury is evaluated, your next step should be contacting a dedicated personal injury attorney. Whether the injury was caused by an automobile accident, on the playground or during a sporting event, there is a small window of opportunity for you to recover damages.

Brain injury attorneys understand the complexities of your case and will work closely with expert neuropsychologists, neurologists and psychologists to evaluate your injury. Only a personal injury lawyer has the understanding to maximize the amount of damages you will be able to recover. Contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible for a free consultation on your case!

There’s No Medication to Clear Tinnitus – But These Tips May Ease Some of the Pain

Tinnitus can be an immensely stressful and frustrating condition for the people it affects. The first thing you’ll want to know as a sufferer, is whether or not there is an effective way to clear tinnitus. The answer is both “yes” and “no”. Firstly, there is no recognized medication or pill that you can take that will magically get rid of your tinnitus. However, it is possible to greatly reduce and even cure your tinnitus – depending on it’s severity in your particular situation – by making changes to your lifestyle.

Here we’ll look into a couple of these changes that you can incorporate into your life, helping to greatly reduce the ringing on the ears, and potentially clear tinnitus completely. Consider these factors:

Medication Side Effects: A very overlooked cause of tinnitus – or at least a major aggravator of the condition – is one of the side effects of many medical drugs. NSAIDS or Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are the worst kind, and are yet the most commonly taken. Examples include Aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen, all of which are easily available over the counter. They are prone to causing and aggravating hearing related problems, including tinnitus. The reason is not exactly known, but it is thought to be because of the drugs anti-platelet properties. Also, Aspirin for example, is a drug created from salicylates and salicylic acid, of which again, are both notorious for causing hearing related problems. Aside from NSAIDS, other drugs such as sedatives, antibiotics and antidepressants can also cause and greatly aggravate tinnitus.

This being the case, try and change your medication whenever possible. Try alternatives and monitor your symptoms. Instead of taking NSAIDS for example to relieve a headache, you can instead opt for something like paracetamol. You obviously can’t pinpoint a medication that may be causing your tinnitus immediately, but it’s something to consider and look into further.

Your Diet: Certain foods can aggravate and even cause tinnitus. Again, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that is effecting you in particular – as everyone is different – but by paying attention to what you eat, and how your severity of tinnitus differs, over time you can pinpoint certain foods and ingredients that affect you. Some common ingredients that are known to aggravate and potentially cause tinnitus are: salt, aspartame, cholesterol, dairy products and food products containing Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). By reducing your intake of these within your diet, and monitoring your tinnitus as a result, over time you can link particular foods and ingredients that are effecting you. Then, by avoiding such ingredients, you can greatly reduce and potentially completely eliminate your tinnitus.

In conclusion, there is no “magic pill” to clear tinnitus, but by closely monitoring and adapting your lifestyle, in this case, the foods you eat and the medication you use, it is completely possible to greatly relieve and fully cure tinnitus naturally. Patience and being proactive is the key. Results won’t come over night, but if you persist and monitor your tinnitus as you make changes, then you’ll soon see results.

Legionnaires’ Disease – The Facts

Legionnaires’ disease was first discovered in July 1976 during an outbreak of severe pneumonia affecting American Legionnaires that had gathered for a convention at the Bellvue Hotel in Philadelphia. The cause was a bacterium that had contaminated a cooling tower on the roof of the hotel – later named legionella pneumophila. Water vapour containing the bacteria had drifted through the ventilation systems and infected the convention delegates.
Legionnaires’ disease is contracted by inhaling small droplets of water suspended in an aerosol or fine mist that contains legionella bacteria. Once in the lungs, the bacteria replicate and produce toxic waste products that cause severe flu like symptoms including:

Head and muscle ache
Tight chest
Dry cough
Sickness and diarrhoea
Confusion / delirium

There is a 12% – 15% chance of dying from Legionnaires’ disease and those that do survive are often left with permanent disabilities.
Currently about 500 cases are reported each year in the UK and approximately half of these are associated with travel abroad. Men are approximately three times more likely to contract Legionnaires’ disease and the elderly are most susceptible. Risk increases further with heavy smoking, asthma or in hospital patients who may have a weakened immune response.
Legionella bacteria are widespread in low numbers within the natural aquatic environment, however once water is taken into man-made plant and buildings numbers can increase to harmful levels as the conditions suitable for proliferation are more likely.
Outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease are commonly associated with cooling towers, evaporative condensers, humidifiers, spa pools, and hot water systems as they operate in ideal conditions for legionella growth. Such conditions include:

o Water temperature in the range 20oC to 45oC
o The presence of nutrients such as sludge, scale and rust
o Water stagnation

The presence of a water spray or aerosol provides the means of transmitting the bacteria into the human body.

In order to reduce the risks associated with Legionnaires’ disease, the Health and Safety Executive has produced guidance for property owners and managers. Employers have a duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act to manage the water system in the workplace so that the conditions that encourage legionella growth may be avoided.

Cognitive conditions like Reactive attachment disorder and Oppositional defiant disorder are common

Cognitive conditions like Reactive attachment disorder and Oppositional defiant disorder are common in growing children. Those children who do not get adequate care from parents or care giver often become the victim of a Reactive attachment disorder. This could be the case even with those children whose parents belong to teenage and lack basic parenting skills. Apart from this, if the child was shifted frequently from one care giver to another, he develops detachment and is unable to make relationship with the secondary care giver. Children with such a behavior disorder are incapable of growing in a healthy manner as their attitudinal pattern is entrapped by an inflexible psychological framework. They often face hesitation while coming in contact with other people and are not able to go well with own family members.

On the other hand, this condition has connectivity with Oppositional defiant disorder, which is characterized by an erratic behavior. Defiant children incur unwanted symptoms, which include refusal to accept rules, dominating everyone, showing rude or impolite behavior, blaming others, ready to take revenge or resentment towards others, and argumentations with elders. Parents have to face complications while handling their out of control child. The hostile attitude of the child towards his parents, teachers or friends is uncalled for. He opposes others and especially those who either teach him something or try to pamper him.

Counselors should be immediately contacted for such child behavior problems. RAD Consultancy provides both RAD treatment and ODD treatment for defiant children. There is an extreme requirement of building understanding between the child and his parents. The communication gaps between the two have to be eliminated in order to gain exchange of views, ideas or opinions. The consultancy believes in training and supervising the mother of the affected child so as to make her his agent of transformation. She is recommended to bring a change in her child’s behavioral pattern by practicing skills taught by experts.

Oppositional defiant disorder is also one such syndrome that impacts the attitude of a child.

Infants are often victimized by certain psychological illness, which mainly includes Reactive attachment disorder and Oppositional defiant disorder. When a child undergoes constant attention deficit during his developmental course, he is likely to acquire a cognitive syndrome. According to most of the psychologists, this behavior disorder occurs because of the careless attitude shown by parents. A child acquires detachment when his parents are unresponsive towards his physical and mental requirements. He hesitates while interacting with outside people and avoids attending any social gathering. This is a fault at the end of parents whose parenting skills could not bolster his growth. The child may also go into a depressed state after being separated from his primary care giver.

Besides this, Oppositional defiant disorder is also one such syndrome that impacts the attitude of a child. It implies the manner of disrespecting and arguing with parents or authorities like teachers. A child develops a sense of stubbornness and arrogance. Such defiant children are always ready to confront others. They are filled with the feeling of resentment or are wishful of taking revenge. They are desirous of ruling their own judgment ignoring what others have to say. They are short-tempered and unable to accept the request of elders or other people. They lack accountability and often blame others for some mistake. Some statistics state that this behavior disorder can be cured within six months. Nevertheless, it may continue to adulthood under some circumstances.

The hard fact is that this disorder may cause conduct disorders. A child often resorts to unlawful activities. At this stage, the intervention of a psychiatric becomes crucial as there can also be other co-existing disorders like attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), mood disorders or bipolar disorders, and anxiety disorders. The highly qualified consultants at RAD are engaged in providing a suitable oppositional defiant disorder therapy to treat such children. Their modern strategy calls for the involvement of their mothers who are supervised to follow a step by step methodology. This method is capable of bringing complete transformation in their children within few months. Similar solutions are offered to cure Reactive attachment disorder.

Overcome Panic Attacks Now. 3 Sure Steps to Overcoming Your Panic Today!

Today the problem of panic and anxiety is becoming more and more pressing. And it is obvious because it is impossible to leave with sudden episodes of panic attacks. You feel that you are losing control and no one can help you.

However there is a hope. This problem can be solved and you must know how to do it. Here are 3 key steps that will help you to overcome panic attacks.

1. It’s All in Your Head

May be it is hard to believe that panic attacks are a mental problem but that’s true. And the best thing is that if it is your mental problem – it can be solved by you in the day you want. And it is not necessary to use medicaments and to risk. Realize it and don’t be scared.

2. Take Action

So you know that you can overcome panic attacks and it’s time to take action. Be more positive about your life and don’t think about negative sides. It helps to stay away from fear and frustration and helps to avoid future panic attacks.

Focus on things you love. Communicate with people and just have fun. Do not complain or make excuses, be the “soul” of your company and do not sit at home. Take action to change your life.

Stop watching negative t.v. programs and devote much time to fitness. Invest your time in your health and begin to breathe fresh air more, do more exercises and try to be more active instead of thinking about panic attacks.

3. Get Advices How To Overcome Panic Attacks from Experienced People

Every person faces obstacles in life. Sometimes it can be financial problems or problems with health (such as panic attacks) but there are always steps how to solve your problem. And the person who has suffered for years from panic attacks and overcame them – of course knows the answer.

All you need is to ask him: “What should I do to solve my problem?” and put knowledge that you get into action.

So if you want to overcome panic attacks right now – get knowledge from the person who faced such problem and who knows from his experience what are key steps to overcome panic attacks.

Cholesterol, The Why’s Of How These Levels Get Out of Control and How to Treat It

Cholesterol is becoming one of the most common health issues plaguing society today. As the population ages, this medical condition will become more and more important for the Medical Community to deal with. Dealing with this disease has become a high priority for the public. They want to help prevent themselves from becoming afflicted with this. They want to find a product that will assist them in preventing the disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a soft, waxy substance that is synthesized by the liver. We ingest cholesterol through our diet of meat, fish, poultry, and dairy products. Cholesterol is absorbed into our bodies through the intestines or bowel.

In our bodies cholesterol is used in the formation of cell membranes and to help in the production of Vitamin D. But if your cholesterol levels become to high you maybe at risk for coronary heart disease ( heart attack ).

Because cholesterol and other fats need to be moved into and out of cells they are made not dissolve in the bloodstream. Most of the cholesterol in our bodies is carried in the bloodstream by LDL, which is commonly called the bad cholesterol. The build up of this in the walls of the bloodstream causes a hard deposit ( plague ), which starts to slowly close off important blood vessels. This condition is known as Atherosclerosis and can lead to a heart attack.

The HDL cholesterol, also known as the good cholesterol, helps to protect you against a heart attack by helping to move the cholesterol to the liver and removing cholesterol from the plague. So a high level of HDL may lower your risk of a heart attack.

Sometimes having a high cholesterol is unpreventable and often is hereditary but that doesn’t mean we can’t control this. Often diet and exercise are not enough to help us reduce our cholesterol levels to advantages level. This is where the natural herbal nutrients can play an important role in supporting the HDL. Yes, you can go to your Doctor for one of the medications that you see advertised on the TV all the time, but these medications are known to have serious side effects. So why not try the natural herbal remedies to give you that added boost to lower your levels.

How to Clear Tinnitus – What Are the Common Causes of Tinnitus and What Are Some Remedies?

Tinnitus derives its name from Latin and means ringing – in this case, ringing ears. If you’ve ever been hit hard against your ear, or witnessed a loud bang, you’ll know that having ringing ears is no joke and can be a painful experience. But what exactly is tinnitus and can you clear tinnitus or is it something that the person must endure?

In order to establish any form of tinnitus cures, we need to understand what it is caused by. Contrary to popular belief, tinnitus is not a disease, but rather a symptom of many potential ailments. These ailments could include any of the following (possibly in conjunction):

* Excessive wax in the ears

* Having something foreign stuck in the ear

* Allergies (such as hay fever, etc)

* Having an ear infection

* Hearing loss (due to excessive noise or aging)

From this we can see that the first step to clear tinnitus is to establish the main cause and address it individually.

Should you suffer from excessive ear wax, it would be advisable to implement a daily regimen of cleaning your ears. If you find that this exercise in itself does not help (in other words, the wax is still in excess), it would be wise to consult a doctor or homeopath who can make a professional recommendation.

If you believe that you may have a foreign object stuck in your ear, do not try picking it out using an ear bud! This is very dangerous and could result in serious damage to the ear canal. Instead, ask a friend or family member to have a look into both your ears and see if there is anything lodged deep within the ear. If there is something visible, visit your general practitioner as soon as possible to have it removed. DIY surgery is not an option!

Allergy sufferers who find that they suffer from ringing ears would be best advised to consult a homeopathic professional or invest in a homeopathic remedy. Unfortunately allergies affect the entire region from the throat upwards and need to be dealt with in order to resolve tinnitus.

Should none of the above apply to you, you may find that you have an ear infection. Ear infections are quite common and can be caused by a variety of reasons. Once again, a medical professional can diagnose this and prescribe the best medicine to clear tinnitus effectively.

Failing any of the above mentioned causes of tinnitus, you may find that you are simply being exposed to excessively high levels of noise. The best method to cure this cause of tinnitus is, of course, to minimize your exposure to the source. If you work in a factory every day, you may want to invest in a good set of quality ear plugs. Good ear plugs will cut out the harsh sounds, whilst still allowing you to speak and interact with your colleagues.

If all of the above sounds foreign to you, it may be wise to consider a program to clear tinnitus in a more general manner. There are various programs available on the internet, and such cures have helped many a tinnitus sufferer beat the terrible ailment. Whichever route you decide to go, remember that a natural cure is the best cure!

Know How To Get Rid Of It Genital Warts

Genital Warts are cauliflower-like bumps that commonly happen in the genital areas of both the sex. The reason behind this is the HPV that is usually transmitted during sexual intercourse.

According to a recent survey conducted all around the world, it is proved that more than 50% of the people are infected with HPV resulting in genital warts. Most doctors say there is no permanent cure to this disease but these warts can surely be removed if they are temporary.

Beginning stages of warts:

At the early stages even before the warts could come out one might just feel the pain and the irritation in the genital areas; without appropriate hygiene and refusal to go to a doctor due to hesitation one could grow warts quicker and the chances of it spreading all over the genital areas are more. If warts are left untreated it might lead to serious cancer in both men and women.

How To Diagnose And Treat Warts:

The usual test that any doctor would first do is apply some vinegar on the genital area, if it is genital herpes the warts would typically show up white in color. Make sure you do not treat yourself without any expert care because you might end up using the wrong medication. When you are diagnosed with genital warts don’t leave it untreated as it might advance into cervical cancer in females. Genital warts treatment has a wide array of medicines from ointments to oils but only a few are guaranteed to work.

One of the ways to get rid of warts is via applying ointment or cream to the infected area; this again should be done under professional supervision. Consult a doctor nearby and he will give you a prescription of the best topical cream that is accessible in the market. These simple treatments will only effect in minor cases.

Nowadays Genital Warts treatments are available in different types. Some Genital Warts treatments work instantly, while others require time before it takes effect. These treatments would require the supervision of a experts. You can either have the warts burned using a laser or you can have it frozen to get rid of it instantly. There are other Genital Warts treatments that can be used at the comfort of your home. These are the kind of treatments that make use of all-natural ingredients. Some say that this is actually the best kind of treatment for the disease since it is a lot cheaper than going to the doctor and it is very convenient. The only downside is that you might have to wait a few weeks before it takes effect.

After reading this post if you feel that you could be infected with HPV virus, do not hesitate to visit your doctor immediately. Take your first step towards prevention now.

Know About Sinusitis

Sinusitis is the sinus infection caused due to swelling of inner lining of sinuses. The sinuses are the spaces or areas between the bones in the face where air passes and where a fluid called mucus percolates into the nose. Sometimes, if the body has difficulty in defending from the bacteria or virus that caused the cold, then simple head cold can lead to sinusitis.

Sinusitis is very common. For many people, sinusitis is a temporary condition that can be cured with simple treatment. In few cases, surgery can provide permanent relief. Sinus infection is not contagious from one person to other. However, viruses and bacteria that generate colds and other respiratory infections that cause sinusitis may spread from person to person through drops of fluid from the nose or mouth.

People who are more prone to sinusitis:
Sinusitis disturbs all age groups. Any healthy person can be affected by it, but certain groups are more sensitive to it than others. Especially, allergy sufferers (at the time of hay fever or in locations filled with smokes and fumes), asthma sufferers both adults and children, smokers and those who inhale the secondary smoke, and people with low resistance to infection (immunodeficiency) are more prone to sinusitis.

Types of sinusitis
There are four types of sinusitis:
·Acute sinusitis: A sudden attack of cold-like symptoms such as runny, stuffy nose and facial pain that lasts for more than 7-10 days. Acute sinusitis usually ends after 4 weeks or less.
·Subacute sinusitis: Sinus infection lasting 4 to 8 weeks.
·Chronic sinusitis: A condition identified by sinus inflammation symptoms lasting 8 weeks or longer.
·Recurrent sinusitis: Numerous attacks within a year.

Symptoms of sinus
Symptoms of sinusitis change from person to person. While one person may have all of the symptoms, some may have only one or two of them. Acute sinusitis is generally painful, while chronic sinusitis is usually more uncomfortable or irritating than painful.

Most common symptom is stuffy or runny nose. Clear, thin discharge from the nose (as in chronic sinusitis), or thick yellow or green discharge from nose, sometimes strained with blood (as in acute sinusitis). Sneezing and/or coughing, headache that is worse in the morning when bending forward or when riding an elevator, frequent throat clearing, itchy eyes and nose, reduced sense of smell and/or taste, fever and chills, face and eye pain.

Few Self Treatment tips:
Tips to follow when you are suffering from cold or allergic reactions or symptoms of sinusitis are,
·Drink plenty of water and keep the nostrils moist with saline nasal sprays, a humidifier, or by breathing steam from a vessel of hot water.
·Stop eating dairy products, like milk and cheese, until symptom decrease, since dairy products are responsible for mucus production in the body.
·Do not take substances that dehydrate the body (like spicy foods, alcoholic beverages, tea, and coffee).
·Avoid excessive forceful nose blowing, swimming or diving (which can put unnecessary pressure on the sinuses), and air travel (use a decongestant nasal spray if a flight is unavoidable).
Immediately consult a doctor if a fever or thick yellow or green mucus is observed.

Sinusitis is not completely preventable. People can reduce their exposure to the viruses and bacteria that cause the infections by washing their hands frequently and by avoiding sharing while eating or drinking. Avoiding smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke also helps to restrict sinusitis risks. People with allergies should avoid the things that activates their allergy symptoms and control their allergies with the treatment advised by doctors. Drinking more fluids and keeping the air in the house moist by using a vaporizer can prevent thin mucus production in the sinuses. Reducing alcohol consumption can also help as alcohol may cause nasal membranes to swell.

Learning More About Natural Genital Warts Treatment

There are many risks in relation to the sickness and even when you’ve got the unfortunate case of contracting what’s thought of to be a mild illness it’s necessary to seek cure. The illusion of a mild disease typically leaves an individual with the sense that they do not need medical attention and that their body can cure itself could be a dangerous misperception. With a mild disease like genital warts the risks of the disease does not lie within the red painful bumps and blisters that appear around the sexual areas. When you do not look for genital warts treatment you provide the disease the time to wear down on your immune system which exposes your body to greater illnesses. Not going to a doctor is especially dangerous for women since the disease is known to increase the chance of cervical cancer and for a pregnant individual the disease can be passed onto the unborn child.

When you make the choice to pursue your options for genital warts treatment it is important that you don’t fall for the pharmaceutical hype that so many are subjected to. While it is true that the pharmaceutical genital wart treatment will eventually eliminate the warts there are great dangers with taking a pharmaceutical genital warts treatment. It’s become accepted by society that pharmaceutical drugs cause side effects and that on several occasions the side effects may be worse than the disease they are treating. This blind acceptance has allowed the pharmaceutical industry to disperse thousands of medications that are slowly poisoning the patient masses. Bear in mind that harmful side effects are unacceptable within the medical field and understand that there are solutions available to anyone outside of pharmaceutical genital warts treatment.

Natural remedies have continuously been dismissed by the medical community as hoaxes however because the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs got worse and the price increased, while patients demanded low price alternatives. More analysis was done on natural solutions like genital warts treatment and it revealed that that they had similar healing patterns to the pharmaceutical medicine without the harmful side effects. Natural genital warts treatment works better than pharmaceutical remedies because of the natural ingredients in them are better broken down by the body than the lab created chemical ingredients. With this in mind it is smart to look for natural genital warts treatments and abandon the misperceptions that pharmaceuticals are the only acceptable solution.