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What Week Should You Buy Maternity Clothes

What Week Should You Buy Maternity Clothes

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6 tips for vintage shopping

You’ve found an amazing piece that you want to buy so now it’s time to really pay attention! Is it at all scratchy? Does it feel dry or brittle? Is it stretched out at all or too faded? While we love vintage if it’s too fragile or uncomfortable to wear there’s no point in buying it.Shopping vintage is so fun but also takes energy and focus – if you have a tendency to forget to eat (yeah, I’m working on it) or even if you don’t make sure you have some food and water with you.Follow these suggestions and get going! Vintage clothes are like wearable art and are such a great part of personal style so don’t be daunted 🙂 And let us know if you have other suggestions for shopping vintage! - Check this out

7 Tips for Buying Vintage Clothing for Next to Nothing

Get to know local thrift shop and antique store owners. Local thrift shops are usually happy to call you if they have what they think are vintage pieces come in, but you will have to go through a lot more no’s before you find the awesome yes pieces.Inspect the quality of every garment. - Check this out

Vintage Clothing Buying Guide - eBay

What’s considered “vintage” can be partly a matter of personal taste.Vintage includes garments from the Victorian era and earlier, but generally encompasses anything from the Victorian period through the 1960s.Just because an item is old, however, doesn’t necessarily mean it can be labeled vintage. - Check this out

14 Excellent Tips for Vintage Shopping

It seems there are those girls who know how to shop for vintage, and those who don’t – some end up with a musty sweater that looks like they found it in granny’s attic, whilst others cause jaws to drop as far to the ground as the hem of the one-of-a-kind sequined Halston maxi dress they ‘just happened to find’ at ‘this tiny place in the Village’.Here are our 14 Top Tips for Vintage Shopping to ensure you find only the most covetable of vintage treasures, whether you’re searching in markets or online.DO try to drive a bargain Vintage prices aren’t like other retail prices; generally the shop owner sets them. - Check this out

Where Do Fashion Insiders Shop For Vintage, And How? - ELLE

In recent years vintage fashion has exploded onto the scene, thanks in large to online websites such as Depop, Beyond Retro and eBay, but similarly in shops bursting at the door frames with pre-loved clothing that are of better construction and last longer than processed materials commonly seen on the High Street.Rather than a fad, vintage shopping is here to stay.‘I love vintage, but I’m careful not to use it unless I can 
style it in a contemporary, original way. - Check this out

Travel Advice: Tips for Finding Good Quality Clothes When Vintage Shopping

Ideally, you should never buy anything without trying it on to not only to check the fitting but to also ensure it's easy to get on and off.If in doubt about what a material is, ask a member of staff.You should also be aware that clothes can travel across borders and different countries have different sizing systems too (and don't even get me started on the generic and wildly variable S, M and L etc). - Check this out

Tips for Buying Vintage Clothing

All clothing stores have their features and visibility.Some people are great fans of sports boots, silk jackets, and many more.For special events, the planning gets different with Wholesale Retro Vintage Clothing like denim, superior boots, and a lovely hairstyle. - Check this out

12 Insider Tips For Vintage Shopping That Nobody Tells You — From Style Pro Stacy London

"[Vintage is] something that you're looking for that wouldn't be on the racks at a modern-day store.And if you are looking to stay on-trend, the good news is that trends almost always come back around."When it comes to wear and tear, remember: vintage is vintage because it's old. - Check this out

Tips on selling vintage clothes online

Vintage and second-hand clothing have been trending for quite a long time.What Kind of Vintage Clothes are You Selling? If you want to attract as many customers as possible to your vintage online boutique, make sure to study exactly what you are selling.This way you can inform your customers as precisely as you can about the product you are selling as well as creating trust and leadership in your business. - Check this out

Top Tips for Buying Vintage Clothing Online - Very Vintage 1

Vintage boutique shutdown? Thrift store closed? Is the Flea Market Canceled? Or maybe digging for old clothes in person isn't your thing.In this episode we'll breakdown our Top Tips for buying true vintage clothing online.Debra and Rachel will guide you through making sure that when you buy a garment online you love it when it arrives at your door. - Check this out

How to Tell if Vintage Clothing is Valuable

Authentic garments from before the 1960s often include metal zippers, side-snap closures, bias hem tape, and pinked seams.Colors that were in style decades ago are often different from the colors that are in style today.Most older vintage garments were made in the U. - Check this out

What Are the Best Tips to Sell Vintage Clothing?

If you want to sell vintage clothing, you should first determine how you are going to source the vintage clothes that you plan to sell.Sourcing vintage clothing can be a challenge, and it may be a good idea to initially specialize in the fashions of a particular time period.If you want to sell vintage clothing through face-to-face sales, you may wish to start by getting a booth at an antiques show until you can build up enough stock to justify renting or buying a storefront. - Check this out

7 Tips for Buying Vintage Clothing

Don’t be put off if you find something you love but it is the wrong size.Don’t send your vintage items to be dry cleaned, as the harsh chemicals could ruin the piece.Find out when your charity stocks up, and call in as close to that time as you can. - Check this out

10 Tips on Shopping for True Vintage Clothes

This tip has to be the first one I post.For example, my waist measures 24”, so I’d purchase a dress that measures 24” in the waist.So remember when you get the measurements of the garment in question, that you’re dealing with fabrics that probably will not stretch. - Check this out

A Complete Guide to Buy Cost-Effective Vintage Clothing

The Vintage clothing warehouse clothes are graded to the highest standards with no stains, tears, and major holes.The unique vintage characteristic in their collection is admirable and will make you fall in love with them.If you cannot access the vintage clothing store physically or do not have the time or patience to make the right choice in your selection, you still have an option. - Check this out

How to Actually Be Good at Vintage Shopping, from Ultra-Cool Store Owners Who Know

Don't rule out the Salvation Army.Go straight to the dress and skirt racks.Don't worry about looking dated. - Check this out


This is the most important thing when shopping for vintage clothing, as Léger explains.“If you look everywhere then you will find the best pieces” explains Zoé Léger.“ Be open minded – Sometimes people are afraid of sizing etc,but try on the clothes, you can do a lot of things with them”, Léger tells Staiy. - Check this out

11 Tips for Second-Hand Shopping Online - WhoWhatWear

I’ll admit it: There are very few things I miss more than being able to enter my favorite local secondhand shop and dig for hidden gems.Given the current state of the world, it comes as no surprise that used clothing is booming.For editors such as myself, secondhand shopping has been a long-time passion, however, I understand that not everyone knows how to efficiently thrift, much less online. - Check this out

The expert’s guide to shopping vintage fashion

Vintage fashion, in its broadest sense, is a piece from a past collection – although it’s more specifically and often classified as anything over 20 years old.‘I personally shop vintage a lot,’ says Perlman on her approach to shopping luxury fashion more consciously.Jaime Perlman's vintage picks: ‘This Comme des Garçons polka-dot party dress is the perfect combo of sexy and kooky. - Check this out

Some Important Tips To Buying Vintage Clothes

It is vital to check the quality of clothing from the past prior to purchasing it.The descriptions found on online clothing sites are crucial for checking the condition of the garment.Vintage stores are an excellent source for unique items but it’s important to be aware of the sizes of clothing prior to purchasing. - Check this out

6 Tips To Buying Vintage Clothing For Men

Every vintage shop is not the same, but you would love to dig charity shops for lovely bargains.So, pay attention to the contemporary style like high street fashion.On the other hand, for a slim body, hold the 70s style to look more stylish. - Check this out

Expert tips on how to buy and wear vintage - That's Not My Age

Bigger players include online marketplace Vestiaire Collective and fashion website FarFetch has a pre-owned section, while Etsy is a great source of second-hand (if you’re prepared to rummage!)William Vintage sells one of a kind haute couture pieces with a haute couture price tag (nearly three thousand pounds for an Yves Saint Laurent’s 1980s Le Smoking crepe tuxedo suit)And Manifesto Woman replicates a modern, everyday wardrobe with a ‘mash-up of designer, boutique label, a bit of vintage and high street. - Check this out

A Beginner's Guide To Buying Vintage - American Recycled

Many people venturing into the world of vintage clothing will usually start with some classic pieces they admire and can wear with several things.Some vintage clothing will show obvious signs of distress, or at least have that broken-in softness and appearance that is actually one of the reasons why people seek out vintage clothing.At American Recycled Clothing, we stand by our reputation and that’s why people looking for vintage clothing suppliers seek us out to provide them with the quality vintage clothing shoppers are looking for. - Check this out

Critical Tips to Find the Right Vintage Fashion - ASAP Shopping

The Vintage Fashion Guild includes an online source of designer labels that is a valuable reference point.Vintage clothes in perfect condition, especially those that have not been worn, are very rare.Unless your vintage find is inexpensive and you want to experiment with stain removal, don’t consider buying something with obvious stains, especially in dark areas. - Check this out

How To Vintage Shop Online & In-Person - The Zoe Report

There is a lot of vintage out there, and it can be overwhelming to know where to start.Keeping an eye on your own closet can also help you identify holes, which can help point you in the direction of where you should be spending your money.That’s an important tip to note, too — don’t feel like you need to toss everything out and start fresh with vintage buys. - Check this out

How to Shop for Vintage Clothing Online

Set up alerts If you’re on the search for something very specific, it helps to set up alerts.Save your favorite sellers Along the way, you’ll find that some sellers have a lot of pieces you’re looking for.Avoid scams Not every seller is a great seller. - Check this out

Tips for Buying Vintage Clothing Online - Tip Hero

When buying items online always make sure that the items come from smoke free homes, it’sso hard to get the odor out and vintage clothing does not always take kindly to dry cleaning.Also, don’t be afraid to ask for additional pictures of seams etc.The fit is the hard thing to figure out when purchasing online—women were so much smaller 50 years ago!!! But the good thing is that clothing was often made better then too–there was not as much skimping on fabric and often there is extra fabric along the seams so you can generally easily ahve vintage items let out. - Check this out

Do the Time Warp: Tips for shopping and styling vintage clothes

Vintage is all about finding pieces that speak to you. There are a few rules of wisdom when it comes to a well-balanced wardrobe. Fashion is a form of artistic expression. - Check this out

College Fashionista’s Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Vintage

The demand for vintage and secondhand clothing has increased tenfold in the past few years.Vintage stores — as evident in the name — focus on selling vintage clothing which by definition is any piece of clothing, accessory or homeware 25 years or older.Specialty stores are vintage stores that focus on a specialty within the vintage market. - Check this out

Tips for a beginning online vintage fashion seller

There are markets for diverse vintage items, and the second thing I’d recommend, after truly appreciating what you are offering, is to learn everything you can about your chosen area of vintage.When choosing items to purchase, be aware of your brand and marketplace, but understand you have to start somewhere.Once you become more familiar with the marketplace, you can expand what you offer in your niche, finding things you see are selling for others, as well as what your customers seem to like the best. - Check this out

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