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Sa Trending Videos Twitter

Sa Trending Videos Twitter

Trending Twitter Today Worldwide

What's trending on Twitter right now? Now you can very easily know through Trendchirp. If you're looking for the latest trends on Twitter it can be hard to find. So if you want to know what hashtags are popular on Twitter, you need to look at the hashtag cloud (a list of related terms that links words together with hashtags) in the Trending section

Capitec, Absa say sorry

"The error occurred as after clients made their initial purchases, the transaction was sent via MasterCard for final settlement from the various retailers and their supporting banks… the card transaction was not yet processed on their bank statement although the funds were deducted from their accounts.However, as the final settlement was not authorised the payment was cancelled and the funds were made available to all affected clients again.The bank said it had sent customers SMSes advising them of the actual status of their accounts, and that customers would be reimbursed for these. - Check this out

MTN ends free Twitter service

“While our pricing has increased, we were mindful of ensuring that our offering remained competitive and affordable.“After providing free Twitter to millions of subscribers for an unprecedented four years, MTN’s industry-first free Twitter service will come to an end at midnight on 25 September,” said MTN.“Overall usage trends towards video and images have determined that it is no longer feasible to offer a service like Twitter for free due to the cost and demand it places on the network. - Check this out

Capitec - The Media Online

MTN (brand value up 49% to US$4.Is it just me or is the nation suffering from #PTSD and #BurnOut? I watch the news like a robot, very little emotion and even less interest.This World Creativity and Innovation Day, we reimagine the client journey according to current trends specifically in the banking sector. - Check this out

Woman strips naked and trashes Capitec branch in Cape Town

Capitece stated: “Hi there, we at Capitec are as perplexed by this matter which happened at the Strand branch, as everyone else.While @CrocSclothing felt there was nothing funny about the video and asked fellow tweeps to consider what the woman must be going through to have gone to this extreme length.“There’s nothing funny with the capitec video, imagine her kids seeing this video. - Check this out

Capitec under fire – again – for its executive pay

It is excluding both the impact of negative Heps ‘growth’ in 2021 as well as the decline in GDP.For the vesting of awards in 2022, it says the “binary Heps performance condition was met” both when it includes and excludes 2021.From 2023, it has added a tiered scale for the ROE measure when considering the vesting of long-term incentives. - Check this out

Do you want to invest in social progress? Here’s how.

Investing in social progress means seeking to identify the areas of society which provide the most fundamental social needs and actively investing to improve the equality of access globally.The investment opportunities here are very diverse.Within Europe, the company Eurofins Scientific has a network of analytical laboratories and works on the prevention and detection of infections. - Check this out

VIDEO: Short and angry man beaten in Capitec bank after demanding his money

Apparently the man got to the bank and wanted to know about his monthly bank charges.The video is trending all over social and has been turned into fun that the man was brought down to earth in few minutes.The angry man was just screaming and wanted the Capetic manager but he did not even see the manager. - Check this out

Capitec’s app will die soon: here’s what to do

“We’re switching off our old app on 30 April,” says the bank.The updated app is built on newer technologies that’ll allow them to implement biometric security, application integration and easier sign-ups, to name a few advantages.If you’re looking for the new app in either the Google Play Store (for Android) or the Apple App Store (for iOS), head to the links or spot the word ‘new’ in the little app graphic icon. - Check this out

How To Send Money Using Capitec USSD If You Don’t Have Airtime

The first thing you to do is that you have to type in the USSD string that you would normally use when buying airtime.Once you have done step 1 successfully it will show you something as the picture above.Once you have done step 1 and step 2 successfully, you will be able to send money without having airtime. - Check this out

Twitter users back Apple in iPhone fight

"Apple" and "San Bernardino" were trending heavily as topics on Twitter following Apple CEO Tim Cook's decision to fight the order by a federal judge in Los Angeles that Apple provide "reasonable technical assistance" to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the case.Cook on Tuesday called the order, issued that day, "a dangerous precedent".Cook's and Apple's response to the demand was viewed positively overall on Twitter, according to social media analytics firm Zoomph. - Check this out

Twitter to cut 9% of staff, plots new growth strategy

Twitter reported a net loss for the quarter of $103m, compared with a $132m loss a year earlier. Twitter said the restructuring "is intended to create greater focus and efficiency" and help move toward profitability in 2017.Even though Twitter has never posted a profit, Dorsey said the results show positive signs. - Check this out

Discover harvytan12 sa twitter 's popular videos - TikTok

TikTok video from Harvytan12 (@jeydonlopez1046): "link in comment 📌 #viral #infinity #infinitychallenge #infinitywar #twitter".74.201. - Check this out

'Baby AB': South Africa U19's Dewald Brevis goes viral for uncanny resemblance with AB de Villiers; Watch video

While South Africa endured a poor outing with the bat, one of the side's batters - Dewald Brevis – drew the attention of the viewers due to an uncanny similarity with one of South Africa's greatest cricketers, AB de Villiers.The 18-year-old Brevis, with his batting stance and timing, drew comparisons with de Villiers on social media.Dewald Brevis is known as "Baby AB" in South Africa and last night when he completed his fifty against India U-19, his team-mates showed it from the dressing room. - Check this out

Rassie locked out of hacked Twitter account

Erasmus’ most recent video – presumably posted by the hackers – had suggested that the latest hack was an attempt to smear the Springboks.The Twitter account posted a video from the Springboks documentary Two Sides, linking the latest Twitter incident to the leaking of the infamous 62-minute long post during the British & Irish Lions tour.“Someone is trying really hard to drag us to the gutters!,” the hacked account said. - Check this out

SA V-CLASS Benz Video Goes Viral After Woman Gets Dragged Out Of Car Twitter Driver Full Story

The video basically displayed a guy manhandling a woman in his car.After the video went viral, netizens started speculating what could have happened in there and as obvious the man started to get backlash for his actions.The man added that despite his requests to stop her behaviour, the woman continued to be disrespectful as she started drinking there. - Check this out

WATCH Passionate Zulu-Speaking Chris Pappas in the Video That’s Winning Hearts

On the eve of the election former uMngeni ANC deputy mayor Nompumelelo Buthelezi, switched alliance and joined the DA.Listening to Pappas’ passionate oration in Zulu, one white South African tweeted: “I will never forgive the apartheid government for denying me the chance to learn an African language that was on my doorstep.JK Sithole said he’s dealt with Pappas before, “even had his contact to get ahold of him anytime. - Check this out

SA Girls Releases Sugar On Twitter With Vuthela Challenge As Men Begs For More – Watch

The above image generated a lot of interest and comments, especially the fact that there is actually no fire at all and the lady is blowing onto nothing.South Africans quickly forgot about Uncle Vinny who trended over the weekend and jumped onto a new trend they are calling #VuthelaChallenge.Viral pictures of the challenge have since flooded social media platforms. - Check this out

People.com | Celebrity News, Exclusives, Photos and Videos

Al Roker Reveals the 2 Simple Things He's Doing That's Helped Him Lose 45 Lbs.Lori Harvey Deletes Every Trace of Michael B.Travis Barker Celebrates His Son Landon Graduating from High School: 'So Proud of You' - Check this out

SA Rugby confirms Rassie Erasmus’ hack reported to Twitter: Can you help, Elon Musk?

SA Rugby late on Sunday evening confirmed that its Director of Rugby, Rassie Erasmus, has had his Twitter account hacked.In addition, in the media release, SA Rugby added that Erasmus “no longer has access to or control of the account”.As reported by The South African website, the hack left Erasmus scrambling for an apology after his handle ‘retweeted’ a pornographic video clip. - Check this out

Twitter will suspend accounts tweeting about conspiracy

In online conspiracies, the term “deep-state” is used to refer to a combination of elites from the intelligence, political, business and entertainment fields, with QAnon’s theories claiming that the “deep-state” is at a secret war with Trump.QAnon has also claimed that Democratic Party members are behind international crime rings.Last year, the FBI issued a warning about “conspiracy theory-driven domestic extremists” and designated QAnon as a potential domestic extremist threat. - Check this out

126 Amazing Social Media Statistics and Facts

Depending on your view, this is either very creepy or fantastically interesting.We come across all sorts of interesting stats about social media platforms and users, so we’ve collated the best of them in this bumper facts list.For the curious, these represent a series of numbers that boggle the mind, users counted in tens and hundreds of millions, and time in millions and billions of hours. - Check this out

Houshou Marine | Virtual YouTuber Wiki

Marine is a bold, fast-talking girl who often throws caution to the wind, making obscene jokes and playfully mocking both her higher-ups and her viewers.Though she claims to be 17 years old, her self-described "auntie" voice, lack of physical stamina, and extensive knowledge of 2000-2010 Internet culture indicate that she is almost certainly older than she claims she is.Appearance Marine cosplays as a pirate. - Check this out

Explained: Elon Musk threatens to scrap Twitter deal again; is the Tesla CEO getting cold feet?

The Twitter sale agreement does allow Musk to get out of the deal if Twitter causes a "material adverse effect," defined as a change that negatively affects Twitter's business or financial conditions.Bots are basically programs that post automated tweets, either for information — like the U.So now such bots — and the way Twitter counts them — have become a sticking point in the deal. - Check this out

150+ Social Media Statistics that Matter to Marketers in 2022

The most popular search term on YouTube is song, followed by DJ, dance, and TikTokAds targeted to users by intent (rather than demographic) earn 100% higher lift in purchase intentYouTube ads have the potential to reach 2. - Check this out

"What Is This Sorcery?" This Video Of Joe Root And His Seemingly Levitating Bat Has Gone Viral

Joe Root produced magic with his bat to take England to victory in the opening Test but a video has emerged of the Englishman standing at the non-striker's end and has gone viral on social media."I knew @root66 was talented but not as magic as this…….I knew @root66 was talented but not as magic as this. - Check this out

Saudi Arabia opens e-registration to pilgrims from Europe, America and Australia for Hajj

A total of 850,000 foreign pilgrims will be allowed to perform Hajj while domestic pilgrims’ number was restricted at 150,000.The total number of 850,000 foreign pilgrims constitutes only 45.The Ministry of Hajj has set certain terms and conditions for foreign pilgrims for this year’s Hajj. - Check this out

Africa news updates - BBC

Congolese media are reporting that journalist and academic Samuel Sirasi, who had gone missing last week, has been found alive but unwell.The Beni-based journalist went missing in the eastern city of Goma on 4 January, and was found at the weekend near a church in Goma's Karisimbi district.The journalist is currently being treated at an undisclosed hospital, according to Congolese media reports. - Check this out

Texas probing Twitter over reporting on fake accounts, joining Musk kerfuffle

“Texans rely on Twitter’s public statements that nearly all its users are real people," Paxton says.The issue of just how many Twitter accounts are automated or fake is driving billionaire Elon Musk's efforts to get out of a $44 billion commitment to buy Twitter for $54.In quarterly filings since it went public, Twitter has included language saying it estimates bot/spam accounts make up no more than 5% of its total. - Check this out

“Hayi Madoda”: Twitter Zooms in on Flashy 'Vansace' Sunglasses, SA Laughing Out Loud

Mzansi social media users are once again investigating a stunning woman’s flashy sunglasses in a viral post.Taking a glance from a distance, local networkers can be convinced the local lady is wearing one of the most expensive brands, Versace, but when you zoom in, it’s actually not.The woman decided to spoil herself but Mzansi peeps have discovered the branded glasses are Vansace and not Versace. - Check this out

What happened to Olsen twins in Fuller House? Bob Saget Twitter rumor debunked

On March 19 2021, some people on Twitter started ‘cancelling’ Bob after a video was posted on March 17.The clip contained snippets from Bob’s Comedy Central roast from 2008, in which celebrities make fun of him.The clip contained snippets from Bob’s Comedy Central roast from 2008, in which celebrities make fun of him. - Check this out

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