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Apc Ups Default Admin

Apc Ups Default Admin

APC Smart UPS Default Username Password Settings - Bright Hub

APC Smart UPS Default Username Password Settings - Bright Hub

In this case the Smart-UPS default password and administrator username may have never been changed in the first place. This can be a frustrating experience as well. Most Common APC Smart-UPS Default Username and Password. The most common administrator username and password for APC hardware is apc as the username and apc as the password. - Read More

Default administrator authentication phrase used by ...

The administrator authentication phrase used by PowerChute Network Shutdown (PCNS) should be the same as that used in the NMC. The default used by the NMC is admin user phrase. NOTE: With the release of NMC firmware 6.8 and the release of PowerChute Network Shutdown 4.4, there is no default authentication phrase. - Read More

Network Management Card User’s Guide

UPS Network Management Card 2 User’s Guide 1 Introduction Product Description ... The NMC has various levels of access — Administrator, Device User, Read-Only User and Network-only User ... The default user name is readonly and the default password is apc. • A Network-only User can only log on using the Web user interface (UI) ... - Read More

| Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM - APC by Schneider Electric

Help with default username and password. Subscribe to RSS. Get Permalink ; Nader. 6/30/2016 7:32 AM. Hello, I have the following UPS AP9631, with model SURT15KRMXLT, I did a resetToDef -p keepip to reset the config, now I can't login using apc/apc or any other credentials, only device/apc worked but it's limited. please what could the default ... - Read More

Network Management Card (NMC) Password Reset Procedure ...

For example, to change the Administrator user name to Admin, type: user -an Admin 7b.) For v6.X.X firmware only: At the Command Line Interface, use the following commands to change the Password setting for the Super User account, for which the username is always apc, and the password is now temporarily apc: user -n apc -pw yourNewSuperUserPassword - Read More

APC default passwords :: Open Sez Me!

:: Default Passwords APC Last Updated: 2018-07-06 10:54:17 PM Click here to submit new default passwords to this list. Did open-sez.me help you save time or money? - Read More

Video: How do I configure APC Network Management Card ...

apc> tcpip -i yourIPaddress -s yourSubnetMask -g yourDefaultGateway apc> reboot Example: apc> tcpip -i -s -g apc> reboot Use the boot command to change the Network Management Card's boot mode ONLY if you are using DHCP or BootP. Usage: boot -- Configuration Options - Read More

Tutorial - APC UPS Initial IP Address Configuration [Step ...

On the login screen, use the default username and default password. After a successful login, you will be sent to the APC UPS Dashboard. On the Web interface, access the Configuration menu and select the following option: • Configuration > Network > TCP/IP > IPV4 Settings. Configure the desired static IP address an click on the Apply button. - Read More

Command Line Interface - Schneider Electric

UPS Network Management Card 2 CLI 1 Command Line Interface (CLI) How To Log On ... the same network as the Network Management Card (NMC). Use case-sensitive user name and password entries to log on (by default, apc and apc for a Super User, or device and apc for a Device User). A Read-Only User cannot access the command line interface ... - Read More

forget admin EATON ConnectUPS Web/SNMP Card - Spiceworks

Popular Topics in Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) ... The password on there i believe cannot be changed, so will still be the default of "admin" from there, you can use option 3 to set login password to default, as well as re-set the network settings if you don't have those either. - Read More

Apc - Smart UPS default passwords

User name Password Description; apc: show me! - Admin access (Multi) © Analogic s.r.o. 2021 | Privacy policyPrivacy policy - Read More

Tutorial APC UPS - Password Recovery Procedure [ Step by ...

User Name: Password: Locate the APC network management card on the back of your APC UPS. On the network management card, press the reset button once. While the network LED is flashing quickly, press the reset button again. Wait for the network led to stop blinking and become solid green. Now, you have only 30 seconds to access the console using ... - Read More

APC: First-time login to an APC device - LigoWave ...

The default IP address of the LigoPTP device is There is no default password and username for the APC device. Follow these steps to access the Deliberant APC device for the first time: Step 1. Configure your PC using a static IP address on the subnet (e.g. with mask Step 2. - Read More

Data Center Expert | What are the default credentials ...

Issue:Default credentials for StruxureWare Data Center ExpertProduct LineStruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)- Basic Appliance (AP9465)- Standard Appliance (AP9470)- be… - Read More

PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.2 Installation Guide

In the NMC, the default administrator user name and password are both apc, while the default setting for the authentication phrase is admin user phrase. We recom-mend that you change the defaults for security reasons. Different NMC account types and PowerChute With firmware version 6.0.6 and above of the NMC, it is possible to add multiple ... - Read More

Network Management Card 2 Installation Guide

Installation Manual UPS Network Management Card 2 AP9630, AP9631, AP9635 990-3404F-001 Publication Date: January 2020 - Read More

| Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM - APC by Schneider Electric

After the installation of 'APC Device IP configuration 3.0.1', the user by default is apc/apc . this is the configuration I am trying to reset. my UPS information is UPS Model Smart-UPS 1500 RM - Read More

APC: How to reset the administrator password? - LigoWave ...

The only way to gain access to the web management system, if the administrator password is lost or forgotten, is to reset the APC’s configuration to its default factory settings. A computer running the Reset Tool and the APC device must be physically connected to the same LAN network using a switch. - Read More

Schneider Electric AP9630, AP9631 User Manual

Enter the user name and password (by default, apc and apc for an Administrator, or device and apc for a Device User). SSH for high-security access. If you use the high security of SSL for the Web interface, use SSH for access to the command line interface. SSH encrypts user names, passwords, and transmitted data. - Read More

Sans Digital‘s NAS User Guide

Default Admin ID: root --- case sensitive Default Password: 0000 --- 4 zeros “Quick Start Guide” ---- Instructions on how to quickly find the EliteNAS user’s network and set a static IP for the NAS, then launch the Web Administrator GUI. “Setup Workflow” ... For APC UPS, please use the “ ... - Read More

How do I reset my APC surge protector?

What is the default password for APC UPS? The default IP address is 192.168. 2.66 with a subnet mask of 255.255. 255.0. The default username is admin and the default password is admin01. - Read More

Configuring APC SmartUPS with AP9630 Network Cards - AN!Wiki

By default, the APC AP9630 NMC (Network Management Card) does not have an IP address assigned. The easiest way to configure an IP address is to log into the UPS's NMC over a serial port. Many servers still come with a built-in 9-pin serial port, but most desktops and laptops do not. If you don't have one, many vendors sell USB to serial adapters. - Read More

Tutorial APC UPS - Authentication on the Active Directory ...

On the domain controller, open the application named: Active Directory Users and Computers. Create a new account inside the Users container. Create a new account named: admin. Password configured to the ADMIN user: 123qwe.. This account will be used to authenticate as admin on the APC UPS web interface. - Read More

Solved: Dell ups management software - Dell Community

Goto the UPS manager, select the System menu item and click "act as administrator" (the default password is "admin") Set a new password by going to the System menu and click on "modify the administrator password". since you are no in as admin you can add entries into the alerts. - Read More

Recover lost password APC NetMgmt Card

Occasionally we find one or two that are miss-configured. Here are the steps to resetting the username and password of the APC network management cards. You’ll need to use a serial cable (2400,8,N,1) to attach to the UPS in order to reconfigure the management card. Press ENTER, repeatedly if necessary, to display the User Name prompt. - Read More

| Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM - APC by Schneider Electric

LX battery module. Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by terrence , 1/17/2017 10:12 PM. Subscribe to RSS. Login to follow, share, and participate in this space. Not a member? - Read More

How To Reset an APC AP9630 / AP9631 to DHCP Mode | Chris ...

This post was moved over from an old blog of mine that I’ve since taken down. Several years ago I purchased an APC AP9630 Network Management Card 2 (AP9630 NMC) for a Smart-UPS of mine. The manual was not clear how to change the mode of the card to enable DHCP without using a serial cable. - Read More

Why can I not figure this out??? - UPS Forum - Spiceworks

It looks like if you don't have a UPS with a Network Management Card, your best bet would be to factory reset the device. I'm not sure what the default admin password is for APC units by default, but it shouldn't be hard to find. Note that if you factory reset the device, any logs or other configurations may also be lost, so proceed with caution. - Read More

[SOLVED] APC Smart UPS 3000 - Need Help! - Spiceworks

OP. Chad2420 Dec 10, 2014 at 12:04 PM. If it has a NIC, yes you can telnet into it and reset it. apc / apc is the most common default password I have seen but there are others that come to mind you might want to try . admin / . admin / apc. administrator / apc. administrator / administrator. /. - Read More

APCC | A best UPS Company | In Islamabad, Rawalpindi

A best UPS Company. Buy the APC branded Ups. We have UPS inverter, Online Ups, Backup UPS.... We work for many Companies is Pakistan. - Read More

Solved: can't login to UPS website interface | Experts ...

can't login to UPS website interface. We have an APC UPS (model : 8KVA Symmetra) and have a network management card EM AP9619 installed and connected work our internal network. I can't login with default admin username: apc and password apc ; only can login with: device and apc. You need a subscription to comment. - Read More

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