Costa Rica Wellness Retreats

A visit and stay at a health and wellness retreat while on vacation is a marvelous experience. Whether you want to relax your body and mind, or concentrate on specific physical and health objectives, a wellness retreat is the perfect destination and an excellent opportunity to escape from the pressure and stress of work and routine life. It is recommended to go for a retreat that is full of natural food, guidance and spiritual wellness.

Take a life-enriching vacation to one of Costa Rica’s wellness and health retreats featuring almost all health-related strategies–from yoga to meditation and fasting, to rebalancing bodywork. Along with dazzling sceneries and a tropical climate, Costa Rica is a perfect stage for a number of famous retreats. So plan a trip to Costa Rica and relax in the heart of nature. These wellness centers are the ultimate destination for yoga practitioners, people that are looking for an eco-friendly destination, and travelers desiring a unique and soothing vacation.

Costa Rican wellness centers combine beauty, fun and health. The tourism industry of Costa Rica is one of the best and the most popular services available in the world tourism market. It is at the top of the list for nature-lovers and eco-travelers, as well as being an exceptional vacation destination comprised of stirring experiences along with the promotion of human and environmental health. A number of its top tourism centers have been internationally acclaimed for their commitment to healthy and planet-saving tourism packages.
Health and wellness in Costa Rica is given special attention. There are a large number of Costa Rica wellness retreats. Many among them are considered as the supreme wellness retreats in the world. Many of the world’s leading yoga instructors, health professionals and certified therapists organize their workshops in Costa Rica’s retreats throughout the year. Visitors gather in large numbers for workshops and to acquire knowledge about the benefits of colon care and living foods (organic, vegetarian and raw). Here are details about some of the most popular retreats in Costa Rica:

Pura Vida Retreat and Spa: Often considered the perfect destination for wellness and yoga. A perfect balance of mind, body and spirit is offered here with beauty, and tranquility. This retreat pampers your body and soul, together with exploring the renowned beauty of Costa Rica.
The spa at Pura Vida offers attractive packages for treatment. The packages range from highly-focused health features to delicious spa treatments. Its experienced therapists are popular all over the world for their extraordinary performance and services.

Luna Lodge: It’s a place of enchantment and fascination. The pleasant, adventurous and healthy memories attached to this place will remain in the heart of a visitor for a lifetime. It is a secluded eco-lodge situated on the Osa Peninsula, near Corcovado National Park in southwestern Costa Rica. It is a very popular wellness retreat of Costa Rica.

AmaTierra Retreat & Wellness Center: Situated in the mountains of the Central Valley, it is an intimate wellness center and hotel. Along with the other homely comforts, it is popular among the tourists for yoga and professional wellness services.

If you are in the Central Valley be sure to check out Vista del Valle Plantation Inn and/or Xandari resort and spa. Both of these hotels are 30-40 minutes from the international airport. I found them both to be very relaxing & quiet resorts set amidst stunning botanical gardens, wild orchids and trails leading to waterfalls. Some of the best meals I had were simple and inexpensive in small restaurants located on the side of the road that served local (TICO) food.

This is truly a very special place on the planet to come to experience breathtaking beauty, culture and relaxation.

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