Steps To Climb Kilimanjaro

In the first part of our article you learned more about why it is so important to get a good tour operator. Just as important, you found out that booking in advance will permit you to visit Kilimanjaro during the high season when the weather is ideal for climbing. Getting fit will allow you to build up your stamina and ease the process. In this second part of the article you will obtain more information about choosing the route, dealing with the altitude, reaching the summit as well as other important information.

Choosing the ideal route – you will need to make sure that your hike is at least 7 days for optimal success. If your trek is shorter than 7 days, you may not be properly acclimatized. You need to know that routes vary greatly in difficulty, traffic and the beauty of the scenery. The most crowded and quickest routes are Rongai and Marangu. For those of you looking for a real adventure, the most scenic and secluded routes are Lemosho and Machame. A longer route will allow you to be more acclimatized and will increase your chances of reaching the summit, but you will have more trekking to do.

How to succeed at altitude – it is recommended to drink at least 4-5 liters of water per day. Luckily, the Kilimanjaro streams after your first days of hiking are good to drink when filtered and are naturally cooled. We advise you to sleep low and walk high. Your itinerary should include at least one day of It is trekking to a higher elevation during the day and at night and then returning lower to camp for the night. In order to prevent altitude sickness, studies have shown that it is beneficial to go to a doctor in order to obtain the necessary altitude medications. Be certain that your guides have the proper medical equipment, which includes: oxygen, decompression bags, first aid kits and radios.

Reaching the peak – Summit Day be the hardest part of your adventure, but it is definitely worth the effort you will put in. We recommend that you pace yourself, be very ambitious and determined and you will reach the Uhuru peak before you know it. The final ascent is in most cases timed so that you can watch the sunrise over the crater and distant plains. Enjoy the breathtaking view, take a few precious photos and get back down before you get too affected by the high altitude. After that, take a long and well deserved sleep at your final camp!

Steps along with additional tips that we think will do a world of good for you in your search of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. We hope that you will take into consideration our tips.

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