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Lean management is a simple but very powerful concept. Lean management states that any expenditure or cost incurred on the books which does not create value to the end customer is a waste and needs to be scaled down. To understand lean management we need to understand the concept of value. Value is defined as a concept or objective where the customer is willing to pay for the services or goods which in turn shore up the bottom line of the company. In simpler terms lean management can be defines as creating more value with less work.

Many companies prefer people in the management role to possess lean management certifications so that they understand creating value with less work. Lean management indirectly may refer to increasing productivity of employees. Lean management focuses on all the core aspects of an organization right from labour to the transportation of goods to the end consumer. A professional with lean management certification will possess a thorough knowledge about the processes which happens in the company to the end result which is increasing the value to the customer and giving him goods for lesser price. Professionals who possess these qualities are high in demand and they also need to have very good communication skills because they will be interacting with all levels of hierarchy and ultimately with the customer.

Lean management course is taught as a part of Masters in business administration. Employees who want to improve their knowledge and get certified are encouraged to read online course wares, text books, management case studies, etc which give them detail knowledge. Course wares prepared by the certification board may help the student in getting knowledge and access to the material which is generally asked in the certification exam. These certificates are recognised world over by many companies and lean management certification applies to every industry as creating value to the customer is first priority.

Toyota has first implemented lean management system to increase value for customers. Toyota practises on transferring philosophy and culture of lean whereas its counterparts in North America focus more on tools, resources and information to conduct lean management. Companies which implement lean management are Toyota, Hewlett and Packard, Motorola, etc. Many consulting companies are present which specifically specialize in lean management and they will prefer employees with lean management certification.

Lean management is generally employed in manufacturing industries. A background in manufacturing sector combined with lean management certification will help you in securing a job within the management sector and it will also improve your chances of moving up the ladder much more easily. Generally people having background in management tend to do specialized courses in lean management. In this 20th century companies are opting to have lean management in their requirements as they are tending to or opting to move from traditional management practises to lean management.

Management professionals throughout the world are slowly but steadily opting lean management professionals with a slight exception for service industry. Service industry is slightly slow in implementing lean management. Lean management certification would be the right choice for budding management professionals or professionals at the lower rung.

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