Payday Cash Loan Budget: Clever Lunch Ideas For Work

Are you on a tight budget and is living off on a fast cash loan until next payday? If so, you need to scrimp on your daily expenses as much as possible to make your meager budget last. Bringing clever lunch to work is one frugal idea, which will prevent you from getting additional bad credit cash loans, if you ran out of budget a little too soon.

Bring your breakfast to work. This is not saying though that you should eat your breakfast at work. Simply put, when you are making breakfast at home, add some extra for lunch. Who said you can’t eat pancakes, hotdog, and bacon at noon?

This idea is clever and frugal because it is time- and cost-efficient. With your breakfast food for lunch, there is no need to spend your fast cash loan at the cafeteria. You won’t have to buy additional groceries, too, because you get to have two uses for one meal preparation.

Sandwiches. This is the classic lunch food for busybodies like you. Bring your favorite sandwich to work. Make this in the morning out of ingredients that are easy to prepare. Put in your favorite sandwich spread, green leafy vegetables, or leftover meat and you have an instant tasty lunch. You can reheat your sandwich at work for a warmer meal.

Bento box. If sandwich is not enough to fill you up at lunch then bring a bento box with you. You can purchase a bento box at any Asian store. Simply fill each division of the bento box with leftover meat from your dinner last night, fruits, rice or bread, and other available foods in your kitchen. This is what’s good with bento box; you can simply fill it with any sort of food you like without messing them all up.

Schedule with friends. This may be a different scheme in bringing lunch to work but it can help you save money. If you have a best friend at work, agree together to bring both of your lunches by schedule. For instance, you can be assigned to bring the lunch on MWF, she on TTH. Alternate this schedule each week.

By scheduling who gets to bring lunch, you can rest from spending money for your own lunch even just for a day. Best, you don’t have to worry about leftovers since you can always make it in to a new recipe and finish it with someone. No leftovers mean no food wasted.

Even with these simple lunch tips, you can make your fast cash loan last longer. And when it lasts until your payday, you don’t have to apply for additional bad credit cash loans just to get by daily.

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