Top Five Examples of 5 Star Customer Service

Gone are the times when buyers were at the beck and call of the seller. With monopolistic markets as good as history and the buyer having a greater number of products to choose from different sellers, no wonder, the buyer is indeed the Rex of the market. A satisfied customer serves as a loyal customer and is an asset, which ensures the survival of your business house. Your customer service has to be top notch in order to keep your customers happy.

Treat the Customers like royalty

Everyone likes to be treated in a royal manner. Your customers will love it when you treat them with importance and give them due respect. A few simple things like greeting them when they enter, offering to take their coats or a friendly gesture will go a long way in building your relationship with the customer.

Instill uniqueness in your service

People have always been attracted to something that is novel and one of a kind. Instilling a dash of novelty in your customer service will make people take notice of you and put you in the lime light. Even a simple thing like offering coffee or hot cocoa to the customers waiting in line will make you the talk of the town. In this era where word of mouth marketing is at its peak, it can be the difference between success and failure.

Keep your Promises

You should always keep your word. If you think that you might not be able to fulfill the promise, then do not make it. Broken promises sour the relations between you and your customer. Once dissatisfied, there is a huge probability that you will lose that customer of yours. If, however, you fail to keep your word due to an unexpected turn of events, then explain your situation to the customer and give him something more than what was promised to restore the goodwill between you two.

Listen attentively

When the customer is talking to you, make an earnest attempt to pay attention to him. Do not let your attention wander elsewhere. Listen to what he has to say carefully. If the customer finds that you are not giving him proper attention, he might be offended and as a result, you will lose a customer. Always keep in mind that loyal customers are the greatest assets of any business.

Deal with Complaints

You should always be sincere and prompt in dealing with the complaints that the customer may have. The complaints may or may not be genuine. You should never shirk away your duties even if the complaint is not true. Treat the customer with respect and he will always love you for it. Giving heed to the complaints and acting accordingly will take your services a step towards achieving perfection. You should make the customer complaint process as simple as possible. It is because cumbersome complaint procedures deter the customers.

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