How To Use Social Media Sites To Generate More Sales

Gone are the days when it used to be a seller’s market and the sellers used to rule supreme. With the advent of me too products and cut throat competition, it is now the buyer who has assumed much importance. The buyer now has a wider variety of products at his disposal. It is every seller’s wish to catch the buyer’s attention. Well, you can do just that with the help of Social Media sites. And that too more efficiently!!

Spreading Awareness

This is the most important step for you. Consumers will always prefer buying a product that they have heard about (word of mouth) or they know about (ads/experience). Consumers tend to overlook unknown products and the majority is not keen to experiment with unknown brands. So, in order to give your sales a boost, you need to first spread awareness about your product.

Social Media sites serve as very efficient and easy tools in spreading awareness about products. It is as easy as creating a page on Facebook or even tweeting your way into people’s lives with the help of Twitter. As more and more people get to see the page, they begin to get aware about your products and services. Blogging also serves as an efficient tool to raise the level of awareness of the consumers. It creates a healthy environment for word of mouth marketing.

Projection of Image

Now that people know about your product, you should concentrate on building an image for your product in the minds of the consumers. For this, first you need to understand your product first. You need to realise which segment of the market does it appeal to and what are the buying motives of the consumers? After a thorough analysis, come up with some key features that may attract your target audience.

You could stress on Product features, Lesser Price, Competitive edge or more benefits to be enjoyed by using the product. You can post these in the social networking sites for all to see. You can even run a poll in the social media sites and ask the consumer what he prefers in that type of product and how much he is willing to pay for it. This way, the consumer feels more involved and is often more willing to try the product out. You can also post various interesting and funny videos about your product on You Tube, which are likely to be etched into the consumer’s minds. At the end of each video, you can ask the viewers to sign up with you in order to receive news letters or interesting updates.

Communication–The key to success

In order to boost the sales of your product, you must communicate clearly with your audience. What you say about your product should at least be commercially true. False claims about your product will do you more harm than good. You can search the social media platforms regarding any discussions about your product. Participate in the discussions. Answer any questions that the consumers may have regarding the product. This will go a long way in dispelling the doubt from their minds and bolstering your sales figures by a notable margin.

Keep an eye out for Competitors

Chalking out the moves of your competitors is vital in the success of your organization.

With the help of Social Media sites, you can also keep an eye on your competitors and follow their move. You can drop in on the discussions of your competitor’s products and get an idea about what they are planning to do. If you have the knowledge of your competitor’s moves, you can act accordingly and be in a better position to counter them.

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