ypes of PC – which one is best suited to your needs?

When it comes to technology, the amount of choice that is available can sometimes be overwhelming. Gone are the days of having one tool for everything, these days technology is always tailored for a specific purpose. Even when it comes to computers we are spoilt for choice.

Desktop PCs still serve millions of people worldwide, in and outside the work place. For workers who spend most of their time doing word processing, data entry, accounting or other keyboard heavy tasks, a desktop PC is a suitable tool. Desktop PCs often appeal to businesses as they are extremely economical, they may not be the computer of tomorrow but for simpler tasks they get the job done at a reasonable price. In addition to this the software compatibility on these machines has never been better.

You may have a desktop PC that functions just fine but could still benefit from having something to keep you organised when you’re out and about. One possible solution is a handheld PC, also known as a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

The potential for this machine is furthered by its capabilities to logon to Wi-Fi, allowing you to check your email or browse the web on the go. Most of these devices will synchronise with your PC so you can back up anything important. Handheld PCs are useful for their mobility however tasks such as data entry are not well catered for; these devices are not a substitute for a PC.

There are so many PCs out there that once you have identified your needs and price range you will be able to find the perfect model. Ask for advice and you will find that their are many people who will be able to provide you with helpful tips and advice.Laptop PCs are becoming an increasingly popular choice when it comes to computers. They are capable of doing the majority of tasks that a desktop PC can achieve and they’re portable. However, while laptops are fully functional PCs this is not to say that all tasks are suitable for them.

For instance, laptops are not suitable for graphics as the small screen can become hard to look at for extended periods of time. What’s more, the specs for laptops aren’t normally as good as desktop PCs and they are harder to upgrade. While the problem of the screen size can be overcome with an external monitor and laptops can be upgraded, desktop PCs are still better suited for a number of environments, such as the workplace.

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