Self Limiting Beliefs….I used to be just an insecure Farmboy!

Self limiting beliefs

Hey there today, it’s Colin Burnett here again!

If you have been following my blog and YouTube videos here you, will see I am over in Europe at the moment J

I have come a long way since the dark days of working for nothing in a family business.

Yes that’s right I worked for nearly 2 years without getting paid one cent!

Crazy story right? All of that stuff is true though.

I mean it is hard to believe that I rose out of that situation. I am by no means the strongest man alive but I am proud that I managed to get out of that!

I actually worked for my family business for nearly 2 years without GETTING PAID!!

Is that normal? No of course it isn’t but it is more common than you would think. What a sham family businesses can be sometimes!!


SO I had to actually go out there into the world on my own and fight to get my rights back. It can be difficult to get anywhere when your family are the biggest people bringing you down isn’t it?

Anyway, that is what happened and I’m away from that now.

The self limiting beliefs are still there obviously but most of them I have lost. I can travel the world and do anything I want now with little fear. I mean what is there to be scared about?

Self limiting beliefs actually stop you from doing anything. I mean I used to be literally paralyzed with fear.

Fear of the unknown is one of the worst ones out there too.

Fear of the unknown.

Often you just have to poke your head through the door and take a little peep. Your answer is often on the other side.

A huge percentage of people never do this though do they!

A HUGE percentage,.

It’s just because of some silly self limiting beliefs…

What self limiting beliefs do you have?? You would have some no matter successful you are of how down you are right now….

There were 2 key tricks for me to get out there and start getting what I want…
Te first is that you can push your boundaries out no matter how fast or slow you want. Like once the boundary is pushed out, there is no going back!! Some people have more confidence naturally to do things quicker than others. The key is though to say [censored] you self limiting beliefs and just push out in some direction. Just do something!
This leads onto my second point…you are NEVER alone. You can always find someone who will help you get towards your goals. They can help you squash any self limiting beliefs you have stopping you from getting where you want. I mean a few trusted mentors is one of the greatest things someone can have!!

So, the key….get out there….no matter how fast or slow….

[censored] those self limiting beliefs…they are just little bigs in your head that you can squash anytime!



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