4 Tips To Save Your Wallet From The Kids

If you are looking for a great way to save some money, then you need to learn to get past the kids “I want” syndrome.

Boy, it used to be years ago that when the Christmas catalogue would come in the mail, you could stuff it away before the kids got a hold of it and wrote out their 5-page wish list to Santa, which resulted in your wallet being left with the credit cards only (maxed out of course).

Now it is true that the daily mail still holds the gigantic sales fliers, telling the kids that they just “have to have” everything that is in print. This is not too big of an issue, because most of the kids nowadays won’t take the time to look at the papers anyway.

But look out! Here comes the Internet. The kids have a whole world of shopping ahead of them, literally. There isn’t anything that the kids can’t find here for you to buy, no matter what the occasion. In fact, there doesn’t even have to be a reason for the “I want” syndrome. So you need some pretty innovative planning to get past this one. I mean the phrase “no way” only works for so long right?

Here are a few tips to help you get past the kid’s internet shopping frenzy:

Tip #1:
When you are setting those parental controls on the computer, make sure you include some of the current favorite shopping sites. “Out of sight, out of mind” is a pretty good thought here. Now, of course, you can’t block out the entire shopping world on the Internet. If that were the goal, then you may as well just unplug the computer.

Tip #2:
Set the ground rules for shopping sites just like you do for web surfing. Restrict the kids to a few shopping sites that apply to their age groups. After all, there is no harm in wishful thinking, and there is bound to be some gift giving occasions coming up that you will want ideas for. Knowing what the favorite shopping sites for the kids are will be an excellent resource for you when it comes shopping time. Don’t be surprised to find a pop up from the kids though, directing what to look at when you arrive at a site – just in case you need some extra help, of course.

Tip #3:
In the old days, it used to be called window shopping. This was the next best thing to buying. At least we could look and dream and perhaps plan a future shopping purchase. Well how about setting some “screen shopping,” guidelines. Set a few hours a week aside from that the kids can go to a few sites and do some wishful thinking shopping. Maybe it will even encourage them to do some saving if there is something they really want.

Tip #4:
Using the Internet “, I want” syndrome to get what you want. If you really need that basement or garage cleaned out, here is your golden opportunity. If the kids want that Internet item bad enough, are they willing to work for it? Some may say this is bribery, but I say it’s just plain great negotiations!

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