Types of industrial knives and sphere of their application

Any industrial enterprise cannot do without industrial knives and blades, because any material processing is impossible without this type of tooling.

The scope of knives application is very broad, and a variety of models of these products amazes. Today, an incredible amount of knives and blades is used for industrial purposes. Different types of such products differ from each other by the type of material from which they are made, form, purpose, etc.

Any machine knife or shear blade is an important part of equipment for almost every industrial enterprise; its technical characteristics affect the performance and quality of furniture products and products manufactured at pulp and paper companies. Guillotine, used on various enterprises, specializing in the manufacturing of corrugated cardboard and other paper products, is often a key device for paper cutting. Shear blades are designed for cutting cloths, non-woven fabrics, and towels on special sewing machines. Manufacturing of shear blades of any type is performed using high-quality alloys that provide high-performance characteristics and long service life.

Paper may seem soft and pliable material at first glance. However, high requirements are set for equipment used on an industrial scale for paper cutting, not less than for wood processing machines. Disc knives are commonly used for slitting of paper. They are made of special alloys that ensure sharpness and durability of the product at the same time. Manufacturers of such products produce them in different sizes depending on their purpose. For example, some models are used in the manufacturing of highly demanded household paper napkins. Various companies all over the world are engaged in manufacturing of industrial knives. Consumers often choose products from national manufacturers, as they do not inferior in quality to foreign models, but are cheaper, of course. Since flat disc knives, circular knives, shear blades and other varieties of these products are consumed snap, the issue of price for any business remains the second most important after quality.

Serrated knives are used for perforation or cutting of various materials. This type of tooling is widely applied in paper industry, as well as in the production of electronic circuit boards. Belleville disc blades are designed for use in various spheres of industry. There are standard models of such a tooling and special ones. Special custom-made industrial knives are offered by many manufacturers. The technology of creation of Belleville knives is quite simple: they are machined from billet or produced by stamping. Valve knives are designed to generate high-quality fold line. They are used on modular lines and slotter machines. Anvils are used for cutting polyethylene, paper, cardboard, fiberglass, rubber and other materials. Guillotine is also actively used in the manufacturing of paper and cardboard products. It often serves as the main machine for paper cutting. Band knives help to deal perfectly with the cutting of towels and non-woven materials.

Industrial knives differ from products for household needs by a number of factors: they are more durable, do not require sharpening and ensure high-quality, precise cutting line. There are even special types for metals cutting.

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